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This statute applies only to law enforcement personnel or peace officers attending the basic law enforcement certification class at the State of Oklahoma Law Enforcement Training Center in Ada, Oklahoma.

In accordance with Title 70 O.S. § 3311.11, beginning November 1, 2009, any person who is employed as a peace officer within the State of Oklahoma and who is scheduled to attend the basic law enforcement certification academy conducted by CLEET shall, prior to admission, be required to provide proof of a score of a minimum of seventy percent (70%) on the CLEET approved physical assessment test. The purpose of this test is to ensure the applicant is in sufficient physical condition to safely participate and/or avoid unnecessary injury during basic law enforcement training.

The physical assessment test will be referred to as the “Test for Safe Participation” or “The Test.”

• All cadets, prior to admission, must obtain and provide proof of a minimum score of 70% on the CLEET Test for Safe Participation.

• All employing agencies should ensure that potential hires are aware of this testing requirement, as it may be a condition of employment if the applicant will be attending the basic academy at CLEET facilities in Ada, Oklahoma.

• The CLEET Test for Safe Participation has been created and validated by Stanard & Associates, Inc.

• Upon receipt of the “Confirmation Letter,” participants will receive a designated time on the testing day to take the Safe Participation Test. Participants shall come to the Multi-Purpose Room at the Training Center at the designated time to take the Test.

• Participants will be allowed a total of four (4) opportunities to pass the physical assessment test, with no more than two (2) attempts per testing day.

• Any applicant who fails to achieve a minimum of 70% on the physical assessment test will not be admitted into the basic academy.



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Last Modified on 09/30/2021