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OK.gov Media Kit

To request a copy of an OK.gov media kit (including downloadable logos and branding standards, Oklahoma's state seal and other state-related graphics) please contact our Marketing Department at 405-524-3468, or toll free at 800-955-3468.

OK.gov Accessibility Information

For questions or comments on www.OK.gov accessibility contact:

or view the OK.gov Accessibility Policy.

Skip Navigation, Skip to Search, Shortcut Keys, Access Keys and the Tab Key

A Skip Navigation link has been added to this site for screen readers so that their users can advance to the main content of OK.gov's Web pages. A Skip to Search link has also been added that allows a user of a screen reader to skip directly to the Search section.
Shortcut keys have been provided by both Mac and Windows Operating Systems to be used for navigating the Web. Press the ALT key plus another designated key on your keyboard to access these functions.

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Access keys allow users to type specific keys to jump to defined links within a Web site. Many of today's current browsers support access keys. On Windows platforms you can press ALT + an access key; on Macintosh platforms you can press Control + an access key. OK.gov has provided the following access keys to help ease your experience navigating our Web site.

  • OK.gov Home Page: access key A
  • Skip Navigation: access key B
  • OK.gov Search box: access key C
  • Agency Directory: access key D
  • Calendar: access key E
  • Newsroom: access key F
  • Site Map: access key G
  • Help Desk: access key H
  • Family and Health: access key 1
  • Legal and Public Safety: access key 2
  • Online Services: access key 3
  • Education and Training: access key 4
  • Government Resources: access key 5
  • Recreation, Travel, and Transportation: access key 6
  • Business and Employment: access key 7
  • Oklahoma Interactive Map: access key I
  • Policies: access key J
  • About Oklahoma's Web Portal: access key K
  • Feedback: access key L

The TAB key can be pressed repeatedly to jump to specific links in a sequential order within a Web page.