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New License Applicants

The Bail Enforcer license issued by CLEET is a three year, renewable license. Applicants applying for a Bail Enforcer license must first complete the necessary training, submit a completed application and undergo a background check conducted by OSBI using a completed set of fingerprint cards. Below are the items you will need to complete a new application.

  • For a new application go to the CLEET forms page
  • Certified court Judgment and Sentence or letter of no record for ANY arrest and/or charge. (All questions on page 2 must be answered)
  • To comply with CLEETs fingerprint requirement, please schedule an appointment with Identogo. 
  • Two current passport size color photographs (paper or plastic photos will not be accepted)
  •  Local Police Department and Sheriff Department Record Request (if less than 6 months residency you must supply record request from the previous city and county of residence along with your current ones)
  • Surety Bond
  • Documented proof of experience or comparable training
  •  Licensing fee. DO NOT SEND PAYMENT IN THE FORM OF CASH OR PERSONAL CHECK.  Acceptable forms of payment are Money Order, Company Check or Cashier's Check only.
  • If not a United States Citizen, verifiable documentation of legal residence


In general, the cost for a Bail Enforcer license is:

Unarmed Bail Enforcer $300.00
Armed Bail Enforcer $400.00


Required training for obtaining a bail enforcer license is:

Phase I & II 40 Hours
Phase III 35 Hours
Phase IV 32 Hours
Phase V 40 Hours
Taser & OC (required for armed license) Varies


License Renewals

The Bail Enforcer license issued by CLEET is a three year, renewable license. The license expires three years from the date it was issued. To renew a license, the holder must provide proof of continuing education, proof of bond and submit a renewal application.

"Licenses that are expired over 30 days" are not eligible for renewal and must reapply for a new license.
In general, renewal costs are:

License Type

Renewal Fee
Late Fee
(One day to thirty days)
Unarmed Bail Enforcer $300.00 $50.00
Armed Bail Enforcer $400.00 $100.00


License Upgrades

Once you have an unarmed license, that license may be upgraded to an armed license and retain its current expiration date once all requirements have been met.

Unarmed Bail Enforcer TO Armed Bail Enforcer $100.00

Requirements to complete an upgrade license application going from an Unarmed Bail Enforcer to an Armed Bail Enforcer License:

  • Must possess a current, valid Unarmed Bail Enforcer license.
  • Phase IV & V Training/Testing along with O.C. Spray and Taser certifications
  • Two recent, color passport sized photos
  • Upgrade fee: $100.00


Change of Address

390:60-7-5. Notification of change of name or address or telephone number

Bail Enforcer Change of Address Form

(a)  Bail Enforcers must maintain with CLEET current office and residential addresses and must notify CLEET in writing of any change of address.
(b)  Bail Enforcers must notify CLEET of any change of name. Notification of change of name shall include certified copies of any marriage license or court  document which reflects the change of name, and an original, signed, request that the name be changed in CLEET records.
(c) Change of name, address or telephone number must be made within ten (10) days of the effected changeNotices cannot be accepted via the phone, fax or email instead must be original.
(d)  Failure to notify CLEET of business address changes, business telephone changes, or residential address changes, in accordance with the provisions of this Section, shall be considered a violation and may result in CLEET disciplinary action.
(e)  Any change in address must include both the physical location (Street Address) and the mailing address, if different.



Licensing Home

Contact: 405-239-5100 

To obtain a duplicate identification card, click 
on the link below:
Duplicate Identification Card (Affidavit and Application) 

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Last Modified on 07/28/2021