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Private Security - FAQ

Q. Where can I find the laws and rules on licensing of guards and investigators?
A. Oklahoma Statutes – The Oklahoma Security Guard and Private Investigator Act is found at 59 O.S. 1750.1 et seq. These can be found at www.oscn.net or at your county law library. The Rules are set out in the CLEET rules, 390:35-1-1 et seq. These can also be found on oscn.net or on the CLEET website.

Q. Am I required to be licensed to work as a security guard or investigator?
A. Yes, with one exception. If you are an unarmed security guard and are employed by only one business you are not required to have a license. If you work armed, even though for only one employer, you must be licensed.

Q. What training is required?
A. Training requirements vary depending on the type of license. More detail is in CLEET’s Rules.

Q. Where do I obtain training?
A. Many Oklahoma Technology Training Centers provide training. There are also private companies that provide training. Approved schools are listed on the CLEET website.

Q. I am a current or former certified peace officer. Will Oklahoma waive training requirements?
A. Current or former Oklahoma certified peace officers in good standing may have the training requirements for security guards waived upon providing satisfactory proof of your status as a certified peace officer.

Q. Can I pay the licensing fee by check?
A. Personal checks CANNOT be accepted. Payment must be made by cashier’s check or money order. Cash can be accepted if the application is made in person, and please bring the exact amount as we can’t always make change. DO NOT send cash in the mail. Credit cards are NOT accepted.

Q. Can my license be suspended or revoked?
A. Yes. A license may be suspended or revoked for a violation of the Oklahoma Security Guard and Private Investigator Act, 59 O.S. 1750.1 et seq.

Q. What if I change my address or phone number?
A. Notify the Private Security Division at CLEET within ten (10) days, in writing.

Q. What if I change my name?
A. Notify the Private Security Division at CLEET within ten (10) days, in writing.

Q. What if I change my place of employment?
A. Employers are required to notify the Private Security Division at CLEET within ten (10) days, in writing.

Q. What is CLEET’s mailing address?
A. Address correspondence to ‘CLEET Private Security, 2401 Egypt Road, Ada, OK 74820’

Q. Is additional training required to keep my license current?
A. Security guards are required to have at least eight (8) hours of continuing education every two years. Private Investigators are required to have at least sixteen (16) years of continuing education every two years.

Q. Why do I have to have continuing education?
A. The simple answer is that State Law requires it. The law requires continuing education for several professions that have licensing requirements. Physicians and Lawyers, and several other professions, are also required to have Continuing Education. You must submit proof of continuing education to CLEET.

Q. Is my license valid outside of Oklahoma?
A. Generally, no. You need to check with the State(s) where you desire to work to see what requirements they have.

Q. Can Security Guards and Private Investigators make arrests?
A. Any time a Security Guard or a Private Investigator makes an arrest, it is made as a private citizen and is subject to the laws and rules that govern a ‘citizen’s arrest’. You should check with your employer for their policies before making any arrest.

Q. Can a licensed Armed Security Guard or Private Investigator carry a firearm while off duty?
A. Armed Security Guards are prohibited from carrying a firearm, unless on duty and on the property they are contracted to protect. This prohibition includes traveling to and from work. A licensed Armed Private Investigator may carry a concealed firearm while off duty, but must have in his or her immediate possession both a valid Armed Private Investigator’s license and driver’s license. If you have a concealed carry permit pursuant to the Self Defense Act you may carry a firearm under the Rules set out in that Act.

Q. What if I use my firearm?
A. An Armed Security Guard or Armed Private Investigator who discharges his or her firearm must immediately report same by phone to the Private Security Division. If after normal working hours the report may be made the next business day. A written report will be requested in addition to the telephone report.

Q. Am I required to show my Security Guard or Private Investigator license if asked?
A. Yes. If a person asks to see your license you are required to show it.

Q. What is the ‘Affidavit of Lawful Presence’ and why am I required to submit this form?
A. The ‘Affidavit of Lawful Presence’ is merely a formal statement that you are either a U.S. Citizen or have ‘qualified alien status’ in the United States. Federal law (8 U.S.C. 1621(c)(1)(A)) applies this requirement to any State entity (like CLEET) that issues ‘professional licenses’. In the Oklahoma Statutes (56 O.S. 71) it is unlawful for a State Agency (like CLEET) to issue a professional license without this affidavit.

Last updated/reviewed March 31, 2009