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Welcome to the Oklahoma Private Security Division

The Private Security division licenses and regulates Private Security Guards and Private Investigators, armed and unarmed, and Private Security Companies by implementing  standards and procedures designed to protect the interests of the public without placing undue burdens on the private security industry.  CLEET issues or regulates the following licenses:

  • Security Guard - Unarmed
  • Security Guard - Armed
  • Private Investigator - Unarmed
  • Private Investigator - Armed
  • Combination License - (Private Investigator/Security Guard - Armed)
  • Bail Enforcer - Unarmed
  • Bail Enforcer - Armed (For Bail Enforcer laws click HERE and scroll to Chapter 33A)
  • Agency - Security Guard Agency
  • Agency - Private Investigator Agency
  • Temporary Out-of-State License - extends an existing states license to Oklahoma for a maximum of 15 days within a calendar year.  This does not have a firearms provision.  Rule:  390:35-5-11
  • Special Event License - Licensed Oklahoma Security Guard Agency, twice in a calendar year.  Applies to Guards hired for a given event. Rule:  390:35-5-4
  • Conditional - 180 days; Sponsored by Licensed Security Guard Agency, or a Licensed Private Investigative Agency.

Full-time, certified peace officers are not required to obtain an individual license as a security guard. However, if performing services as a private investigator, peace officers are required to obtain appropriate licensing. If the officer is operating as an agency and hiring guards, he would have to obtain an agency license. 
(Note: Licensed agencies may require licensing as a condition of employment although it is not required by the state.)

The Private Security Division also licenses:

  • Polygraph Examiners
  • Self-Defense Act Instructors
  • Drug Dogs
  • Bomb Dogs

Last updated/reviewed September 8, 2016


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Security Guards

Private Investigators

Affidavit for Agency Name Change

Drug Dogs and Bomb Dogs

Self-Defense Act (SDA) Instructors

Polygraph Examiners


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