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It is important that you read and understand the conditions under which CLEET provides material to assist in training efforts.

1. The Accreditation/Catalog program assigns unique numbers and maintains a topic listing of law enforcement training programs.

2. All lesson plans and curriculum are considered to be "copyrighted" or proprietary unless otherwise indicated.

3. There is no intent, expressed or implied that "accreditation/catalog" indicates or in any way conveys CLEET approval of concepts, practices, handouts, reference sources, methods, techniques, products or devices, presented in CLEET accredited/cataloged courses, unless such approval is explicitly stated by CLEET.

4. Accredited/Cataloged lesson plans or curriculum are not reviewed to determine if they are current with respect to ordinance, law, statutes, or court decisions. It is the responsibility of any individual or agency submitting a lesson plan or curriculum to conduct an appropriate review to determine that material is current, legally correct, and not in conflict with agency or department policy, procedures, rules or regulations. Likewise it is the responsibility of any agency which has obtained a lesson plan or curriculum from another agency to conduct an appropriate review of the material for the same reasons.

5. Accredited/Cataloged lesson plan or curriculum content questions must be directed to the author(s) or original agency submitting the accreditation/catalog request.

1. Section 3311.4 of Title 70, O.S., requires that effective January 1, 2008 every full-time, certified peace officer complete a minimum of twenty-five (25) hours of CLEET accredited/cataloged continuing law enforcement training, which shall  include a mandatory two (2) hours of mental health issues, each calendar year. Effective January 1, 2017 every reserve, certified peace officer must complete a minimum of eight (8) hours of CLEET accredited/cataloged continuing law enforcement training, which shall include a mandatory one (1) hour on mental health issues, each calendar year.

2. Accreditation/Catalog means that CLEET has accepted a training program as meeting local or national standards of law enforcement training, and that the course will be taught by qualified instructors, and that lesson plans, Pre-tests/Post-tests and training materials will be maintained by the agency requesting accreditation/catalog.

3. All requests for training accreditation/catalog must be submitted via email or by fax.  Accreditation/Catalog requests should be received by CLEET two (2) weeks prior to the course presentation date. Accreditation/Catalog requests shall contain the following information:

   A. A course accreditation/catalog sheet, available below.

   B. A resume of instructor qualifications. Previously approved CLEET certified
       instructors must also submit resumes.

4. After reviewing the above documentation, CLEET shall notify the requesting agency administration that an accreditation/catalog number has been assigned to the lesson plan, or if the documentation is incomplete and/or insufficient, CLEET will request any additional information which is needed in order to receive CLEET accreditation/catalog.

    A. Lessons plans will be accredited for three (3) calendar years in which it was
        originally submitted.

    B. Accreditation/Catalog may be renewed upon written request of the course instructor/
        curriculum writer and his/her agency head. This must be done to continue to
        use the course as mandated training. Such a request should clearly state that no
        changes have been made to the accredited/cataloged lesson plan. Lesson plans which have
        been modified must be retained by the agency, in total, and will be assigned a new

5. The sponsoring agencies/institutions may provide certificates or awards if these are desired. The certificate MAY show the accreditation/catalog number and shall include the length (hours) of the class. Certificates shall not contain language which implies that CLEET conducted the training or approved the content of any material utilized during the class.

6. For an entry on CLEET's peace officer training records the course instructor must provide CLEET with a roster which contains course title, CLEET assigned accreditation/catalog number, participants names, CLEET ID Number, and employing agency of the attending student. (See course roster).  Note: Some students may not have, or know, their CLEET ID number.  For proper credit to be applied to a student’s record, we will need some way of uniquely identifying each student.

7. CLEET maintains training records for full-time and reserve, certified peace officers. Upon written request, non-accredited, or in-service training entries may also be entered on individual training files, however, such training entries will not be accepted for purposes of meeting the twenty-five (25) hour mandatory training requirements established in 70 O.S. 3311.4.

NOTE:  “Faster processing of accreditation requests will occur when documents are scanned and emailed directly to tami.burnett@cleet.state.ok.us

                                                                                                                                                Last updated/reviewed August 29,2018



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