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It is important that you read and understand the conditions under which CLEET provides and/or catalogs material to assist in training efforts.

1. The Catalog system assigns unique numbers to and maintains a topic listing of law enforcement training programs and courses.

2.  All lesson plans and curriculum, whether created by CLEET or by an outside entity, are considered to be copyrighted or proprietary unless otherwise indicated.  CLEET does not maintain a library of cataloged lesson plans or curriculum, except for those lesson plans and curriculum designed by CLEET staff.  It is the responsibility of the entity requesting a CLEET catalog number to maintain on file all lesson plans and material supporting such request.

3.  There is no intent, expressed or implied, that the term “catalog” (in any form) indicates or in any way conveys CLEET approval of the concepts, practices, handouts, reference sources, methods, techniques, products, or devices presented in CLEET cataloged programs or courses, unless such approval is explicitly stated by CLEET.

4.  Cataloged lesson plans and curriculum are not reviewed to determine if they are current with respect to ordinances, laws, statutes, or court decisions.  It is the responsibility of any individual or entity submitting a lesson plan or curriculum to conduct an appropriate review to determine what material is current, legally correct, and not in conflict with agency or departmental policies, procedures, rules, or regulations.  Likewise, it is the responsibility of any individual or entity who has obtained a lesson plan or curriculum from another individual or entity to conduct an appropriate review of the material for the same reasons.

5.  Cataloged lesson plans and curriculum content questions are to be directed to the author(s) or original individual or entity which submitted the cataloging request.

1.  Section 3311.4 of Title 70, O.S., requires that effective January 1, 2008, every full-time certified peace officer complete a minimum of twenty-five (25) hours of CLEET cataloged continuing law enforcement training, which shall include a mandatory two (2) hours on mental health issues, each calendar year.  Effective January 1, 2017, every reserve certified peace officer must complete a minimum of eight (8) hours of CLEET catalogued continuing law enforcement training, which shall include a mandatory one (1) hour on mental health issues, each calendar year.  Effective November 1, 2019, all certified peace officers must complete appropriate continuing law enforcement training regarding the policies and protocols for responding to sexual assault calls, guidelines for the collection and maintenance of sexual assault kits, and trauma-informed sexual assault response and intervention on a regular basis.

2.  All requests for training program and course cataloging must be submitted via email to tami.burnett@cleet.state.ok.us.  All such requests must be received by CLEET at least thirty (30) days prior to the proposed program or course presentation date.  Catalog requests must include the following:

A. A fully-completed program or course catalog sheet, which is available in the forms tab.

B. A fully-completed resume sheet for each program or course instructor.  The resume sheet is also available in the forms tab.  All instructors must submit a fully-complete resume sheet, even if they have been previously recognized as an instructor by CLEET.

3.  Upon review of the catalog request materials, CLEET shall notify the individual or entity whether a CLEET catalog number has been assigned to the program or course.  Incomplete requests will not be cataloged.

4.  Once a program or course has been cataloged, it will remain cataloged for three calendar years (including the year in which it was cataloged).  Individuals and entities may apply for a renewal of the program or course catalog number provided no changes have been made to the lesson plan or curriculum.  This is done by submitting the same materials as for an initial catalog review, but by clearly indicating on the course catalog sheet that the submission is a renewal application with no changes to the lesson plan or curriculum.  Previously cataloged programs and courses whose lesson plans or curriculum have been modified must be resubmitted for a new catalog number.

5.  Individuals or entities sponsoring a program or course may provide certificates of completion, if desired.  Such certificates MAY show the program or course name and catalog number and include the length of the program or course in hours.  Certificates shall not contain language which implies that CLEET conducted the training or approved the content of any materials used during the program or course.

6.  In order for program or course credit to be recorded on CLEET’s peace officer training records, the program or course instructor must provide CLEET with a roster containing the program or course title, catalog number, participant names and CLEET numbers, and employing agency for each participant.  A program or course roster form is available in the forms tab.  A completed roster form should be mailed or emailed to Caitlin.Kahn@cleet.state.ok.us at CLEET.  NOTE:  Some students may not know their CLEET numbers.  For proper credit to be applied to an individual training profile, the roster must include a CLEET number or some other unique identifier for each student.

7.  CLEET maintains training records for full-time and reserve certified peace officers.  Upon written request, non-cataloged or in-service training entries may also be entered on individual training profiles, however, such will not be accepted for purposes of meeting the “twenty five and two” mandatory training requirements established in 70 O.S. § 3311.4.

NOTE “Faster processing of accreditation requests will occur when documents are scanned and emailed directly to tami.burnett@cleet.state.ok.us

                                                                                                                                         Last updated/reviewed September 19, 2019



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