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Training Coordinators may submit their annual
Roster/Address update form via email. If your agency or
department doesn't have a Training Coordinator on
record at CLEET, contact Julie Bender
at 405-239-5122 or julie.bender@cleet.state.ok.us.

Address Update forms for Agencies / Departments
are ready to download. You can find them

Drug Dog Advisory Council Vacancy





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Link to CLEET Annual Report

2014 Annual Report

Law Enforcement Terrorism Certification Program

Mental Health Continuing Education Options.
See options to complete mental health CE requirements HERE!


   Rules COP Student List

Public Hearing Notice

Click HERE  to view the 'Rules' page. 

Students Eligible for Peace Officer Certification through
the Collegiate Officer Program 

A list of eligible students is available to all law enforcement agencies. Contact Kelly James at 405-239-5115 or by E-mail to  kelly.james@cleet.state.ok.us, for assistance or further information. 

Mandatory Training Reminder   Legal Updates

On November 1, 2007, Senate Bill 920 mandated a minimum of six (6) hours of evidence based sexual assault & sexual violence training for every active full-time peace officer by January 1, 2012.

To fulfill this mandate the following two (2) continuing education classes satisfy this requirement:

Evidenced Based Sexual Assault
Law Enforcement Response to Sexual Assault

The Legal update for 2014 is available at the link below. For previous year's updates and other legal information, navigate to the CLEET Legal Updates page.

Legal Update 2014


 Firearms Re-qualification Standards Affidavit of Lawful Presence

Beginning on January 26, 2008, all CLEET certified peace officers are required to meet certain firearms re-qualification standards. Officers must attain a qualifying score of not less than seventy percent (70% or 72 points) utilizing their primary duty handgun.

Effective November 1, 2007, any license obtained from CLEET must have a signed "Affidavit of Lawful Presence" completed, notarized and submitted to CLEET prior to license issuance.


 Contact Information

 2401 Egypt Road
Ada, Oklahoma 74820-0669

Main Numbers: 405.239.5100 or 580.310.0871

Main Fax: 580.310.9143 or 405.239.5180
Private Security Fax: 580.310.6071 or 405.239.5182