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Central Purchasing Division
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Non-Mandatory Statewide

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Feral Swine Traps
Cini Zacharia
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  Attachment Title Attachment Type File Type Comments
0900000487 Bidder instructions 20210223 Solicitation docx
Attachment A Solicitation 20200901 Solicitation docx
Attachment B State General Terms - CP Library 20191217 Solicitation docx
Attachment C Statewide Specific Terms 20200928 Solicitation docx
Attachment D IT Terms Solicitation pdf
Exhibit 1 Hog Trap Specs Solicitation doc
0900000487 Pricing Solicitation pdf
0900000487 OMESFormCP004 Solicitation docx
0900000487 OMESFormCP076 Solicitation docx
0900000487 OMESFormVendorPayee Solicitation pdf
0900000487-OMESFormCP011-Amendment 001 Amendment pdf
Fully executed copy for Wildlife D SW0836 signed Contract pdf Fully executed copy for Wildlife D SW0836 signed for 2021- 2025.
SW0836.PS 6258 Wildlife D.signed Contract pdf SW0836 PScontract#6258  signed for Wildlife Dominion Management LLC  2023-2024.
Pricing Price Adjustment xlsx Wildlife Dominion Management LLC  - Pricing 
Fully executed for Bull Creek SW0836 signed Contract pdf Fully executed  for Bull Creek SW0836 signed for 2021-2025.
SW0836 PSContract#6262 signed Contract pdf SW0836: Bull Creek Outdoors- PScontract#6262 signed for 2022-2023. 
Bull Creek Pricing Summary Price Adjustment pdf Bull Creek Pricing Sheet.
Fully executed for Southern Hog SW0836 signed Contract pdf Fully executed for Southern Hog SW0836 signed for 2021-2022.
SW0836 PS Contract#6285 signed Contract pdf SW0836: Southern Hog Control   PS Contract#6285 signed for 2021-2022.
Southern Hog pricing Price Adjustment pdf Southern Hog Control Pricing sheet.
SW0836 Statewide Contract Summary Addendum pdf SW0836  Statewide Contracts Summary with suppliers contact information. 
SW0836Addendum#2 Lock Box Addendum pdf This Addendum is issued to offer a new option for OMES Lockbox Procedures. Awarded Suppliers may contact the Contracting Officer for details. 
SW0836-OMES-FORM-CP-075 Addendum pdf SW0836-OMES-FORM-CP-075- Addendum#3 for the renewal information for 2022-2023. 
SW0836 PSContract# 6481 signed Contract pdf SW0836:  Tactical Edge Hog Control, INC.# 6481 signed for 2022-2023
SW0836 Tactical Assignment signed Addendum pdf SW0836 Addendum 4 - Tactical Edge Hog Control, INC. Addendum signed for 2022-2023.
Tactical Edge Pricing Sheet for 2022 Price Adjustment pdf SW0836 Tactical Edge Pricing Sheet for 2022-2023.

SW0836, 836, SW836, Wildlife Dominion Management LLC,  #6258, Feral Swine Traps, RFP#0900000487, 090-487,  Bull Creek, #6262.Bull Creek Outdoors. Big Pig Panel Trap 1 Gate, 8 Panels including: BPT-Panel-1-12Traps, Camera & Storage: Hog Eye Camera System including all solar components, brackets, and delivery- WDM-HE1, Camera & storage, Labor rates for repair outside of warranty costs, Parts like : Latch,  Pins,  Solar Panel, Charge Controller, High Gain Omni Antenna, High Gain Directional Antenna, 30' Telescoping Pole, 30' Extension Cable, Charge Controller, 120w Foldable Solar, 30' Gate Cable, 50' Gate Cable,  South Co Electronic Latch, Gate Cable Splitter, Replacement Dome Cover, Replacement IR Light, Replacement Camera Head, Replacement 8' Antenna Cable, Replacement Radio, Replacement Battery Cable, Value-Added Products/Services, Gate Caddy, Extra gate. 30’Antenna / Pole Kit, Triji con Thermal Products, Additional Onsite Training - 1 Day, Additional Big Pig Gate including cabling and latch,Tactical Edge Hog Control, INC. DBA Jaeger Pro). Jaepro, Tactical, Hog, Feral Swine Traps, Traps. 

10190000 Pest control products
10191700 Pest control devices
10191701 Animal control traps

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