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Training Information

What Training Sessions are Available?

  • Basic Training
    This 2-hour training session demonstrates the site management tools of the Content Management System (CMS) in great detail. Users will leave with knowledge on how to upload files, create and edit content, hyperlink, and all the basic information for necessary for building their website. This session will also cover basic accessibility and usability best practices. All users are welcome to attend this training. This will occur during the first two hours of the training you register to attend.
  • Administrative Training
    This 1-hour training session will cover the administrative tools of the Content Management System (CMS). Users will discover how to create and edit groups, assign permissions, manage user accounts, template site options and various other administrative hierarchy responsibilities. This session will also emphasize the importance of the agency point of contact (POC) role. Only administrative users should attend and will begin immediately upon completion of the Basic Training course.
  • Advanced Training
    These training sessions vary in length and are designed to provide users with a better understanding of the advanced features in the CMS account. (Examples: Modules, Search Engine Optimization, Accessibility, etc.) These training sessions are scheduled as needed when requested. Any user who has access to a module, or desires to learn more about an advanced feature, is encouraged to submit their training request by using our Online Form.

Q. The training says that Laptops are required. What does this mean exactly?
A. If you attend the training at the OI offices, it is highly recommended that you bring your own laptop device so that you will be able to follow along and perform elements of the training that are being taught. However, you are welcome to come and simply attend the training without hand-on elements if you prefer. If you do bring a laptop, it will need to have an Internet browser (IE 8 - current, Firefox, or Safari) and the most up-to-date version of Java. You can find out your system's Java by Verifying your Java Version. Webinar access is also available. If you would like to attend the training via webinar please send an email requesting webinar credentials to OI's Product Coordinator, Courtney Langston


Q. Who can Attend Training Sessions?
A. Whether this is your first training session or a refresher course, any user who has access to a CMS account can attend the basic and advanced training classes.


Q. Where can I Find a Schedule of Upcoming Sessions?
A. Users are encouraged to visit our Online Calendar, where you will find a listing of all upcoming sessions. Feel free to register for a session today!


Q. I've attended the training sessions, now what?
A. Your feedback is important to us. Let us know how we can improve our CMS training services by visiting the following links: