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Upgrade to the TinyMCE Editor

Upgrade to the TinyMCE Editor

Oklahoma Interactive has begun offering a new WYSIWYG editor, TinyMCE, that will be replacing the current EditLive editor in the OI CMS.

The reason for the change is due to all widely used browsers (e.g., Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera, Safari) have begun to restrict or remove java plug-in functionality from the browser experience. The current EditLive editor functions as a Java Applet, which means that the functionality will eventually become obsolete in the near future and will no longer function. You may have already noticed some issues in some browser types. Chrome, for example, does not allow EditLive to load.



The TinyMCE editor is developed utilizing JavaScript, which means that the editor will no longer be reliant on Java. This means no more helpdesk requests for Java to be updated and not being able to edit pages in the interim. It will also cut down on load time of the editor when you go in to edit your actual pages. It also has a more up-to-date user interface and functionality, while preserving the functionality available in the existing editor. The differences in the two editors are minimal and outside of a new look and feel you should experience very little changes to the system.

OI will begin training exclusively with the new TinyMCE Editor beginning in July 2017. 


View the TinyMCE Differences



Ready to Sign-up for TinyMCE?

  • Please make sure you are an official OI CMS Primary/Contractual Point of Contact (POC) for your agency's OI CMS account. If you are unsure, please email: helpdesk@oklahomainteractive.com.

  • Once you have determined your POC, please fill out this form:

TinyMCE Request Form

  • Once OI receives the participation form, they will enable the TinyMCE editor for the specified account(s). They will then send you an email letting you know that this change has been made and you will have access to the new editor.



Oklahoma Interactive Helpdesk