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Central Purchasing Division
Contract Type
Mandatory Statewide

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Telecommunication Services & Equipment
Marc Brown
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  Attachment Title Attachment Type File Type Comments
FULLY EXECUTED SW1014 Presidio Addendum 180330 Contract pdf Presidio Contract
SW1014 Presidio Pricing 2020 Price Adjustment pdf Presidio Pricing
FULLY EXECUTED - Hughes - SW1014 - Addendum 180911 Contract pdf Hughes Contract
Full Pricing Edition Price Adjustment pdf Hughes Extended Pricing
Condensed Pricing Edition Price Adjustment pdf Hughes Condensed Pricing
SW1014 Front Pages Vendor pdf Vendor Info
SW1014 Addendum 1 Addendum pdf Hughes HTS descripton and pricing
SW1014 Addendum 2 Addendum pdf Addition of Granite
FULLY EXECUTED - Granite Telecommunications - SW1014 - 181127 Contract pdf Granite Contract
OK (OMES) GRANITE PRICE VOLUME Price Adjustment XLSX Granite Pricing
SW1014 Addendum 3 Addendum pdf Addition of Jive Communications
FULLY EXECUTED - Jive Communications - SW1014 - Solicitation 0900000259 - 190122 Contract pdf Jive Contract
Jive Pricing 2020 Price Adjustment xlsx Jive Price Sheet
SW1014 Addendum 4 Addendum pdf Contract Renewal
SW1014 Addendum 5 Addendum pdf Updated Presidio maufacturer list
SW1014 Addendum 6 Addendum pdf Updated Granite Point of Contact
SW1014 Addendum #7 1-22-2020 Addendum pdf Addition of Cox Communications
FULLY EXECUTED - SW1014 - Cox - Solicitation 0900000259 - 200107 Contract pdf Cox Contract
Cox State of Oklahoma Pricing Price Adjustment xlsx Cox Pricing
SW1014 Addendum #8 3-24-20 Addendum pdf Contract Renewal
SW1014 Addendum #9 5-27-20 Addendum pdf Addition of Verizon Business
FULLY EXECUTED - Verizon - SW1014 - 200304 Contract pdf Verizon Contract
State of OK - Rates - Verizon Price Adjustment xlsx Verizon Pricing
SW1014 Addendum #10 6-15-20 Addendum pdf CP Physical Address Change
SW1014 Addendum #11 7-17-20 Addendum pdf Addition of AT&T
FULLY EXECUTED - SW1014 - ATT 200716 Contract pdf AT&T Contract
Fully Executed - SW1014 AT&T Pricing Amendment (2) Price Adjustment pdf AT&T Pricing
SW1014 Addendum 12 20210331 Addendum pdf Contract Renewal for Cox, Hughes, Jive, and Presidio
SW1014 Addendum Thirteen 20210430 Addendum pdf Contract renewal for AT&T, Verizon, and U.S. Cellular
SW1014 Addendum #14 Addendum pdf Granite Renewal
SW1014 Addendum #15 9-29-21 Addendum pdf Lockbox Options
SW1014 Addendum 16 3-29-22 Addendum pdf Contract Renewal
Fully Executed - SW1014 Amendment - Granite EPIK and ePOTS Addition Amendment pdf Granite Additions
SW1014 Addendum #17 11-1-22 Addendum pdf New Verizon PS contract
SW1014 Addendum #18 1-3-23 Addendum pdf Jive name change to Go To Communications.
SW1014 Addendum 19 Addendum pdf Contract Extension

Mandatory for Telecommunication Services only. Equipment is not mandatory for this contract. OMES Point of Contact:  Marc Brown; Email: SW1014, 1014, Presidio, Hughes, Hughes Network, Granite, Granite Telecommunications, Jive, Jive Communications, Cox, Cox Communications, Verizon, Verizon Business, AT&T, Go To, Go To Communications, Local Telephone Service, Long Distance Telephone Service, Internet Service, 800#, Equipment: Telephone piece parts, System Maintenance, Leasing, Cable or Satellite Television, Managed Service, WAN Optimization, Branch Gateway,WAN, Wide Area Network, Acceleration, WAN Acceleration, Compression, High Availability, HAN, Disaster Recovery,Continuity of Operations, COOP, Redundancy,Broadband,DSL, Digital Subscriber Line,Fiber, Ethernet, Fiexed Wireless, Microwave, LTE, T1, 4G, VSAT, QOS, VoiP, Voice over IP,Performance Optimization, Network Management, Portal, WI-Fi, Fortinet, SDWAN, SD-WAN, Software Defined Wide Area Network,proactive monitoring, High Availability Network, HAN, KA, erate, access point, SCADA, telework, HTS, EPIK, ePOTS   

43200000 Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications
43202200 Sub assemblies for electronic devices
43202201 Telephone piece parts
72100000 Building and facility maintenance and repair services
72103300 Infrastructure maintenance and repair services
72103302 Telecom equipment maintenance or support
81110000 Computer services
81112100 Internet services
83110000 Telecommunications media services
83111500 Local and long distance telephone communications
83111502 Long distance telephone services
83111501 Local telephone service
81160000 Information Technology Service Delivery
81161800 Data voice or multimedia network equipment or platform rental or leasing services
83120000 Information services
83121700 Mass communication services
83121701 Television related services

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