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Central Purchasing Division
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State Use

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Ryan Gold
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  Attachment Title Attachment Type File Type Comments
2193 - SW801 Condoms-1 Contract pdf Condoms
2524 - SW910 Filters - HVAC Contract pdf HVAC Filters
2524 SW910 Filters HVAC List Other xlsx HVAC Filter Excel List
2851 - SW015 Medical Supplies Contract pdf Infant Diapers, Medical Supplies
2963 - SW917 Picture Frames Contract pdf Frames and Framed Art  
3041 - SW12320 Urinal Blocks - Screens Contract pdf Urinal Blocks and Screens
3042 - SW177 Document Destruction Contract pdf SECURE Document - E-Media Destruction
3076 - SW104 Disposable - Medical Gloves Contract pdf Exam and Disposable Gloves
3124 - SW078 Feminine Hygiene Products - Personal Hygiene Contract pdf Personal Hygiene Products
Kiamichi 3125 - signed Contract pdf Condiments and Coffee Products
3151 - SW203 Incontinent Products Contract pdf Incontinent Briefs
3156 - SW097 Pasta Contract pdf Pasta
3202 - SW022 Pens, Markers Contract pdf Pens, Markers, Highlighters
3203 - SW022 Discs and Cassettes Contract pdf CDs and Cassettes
3204 SW022 PRINTER TONER, INK SUPPLYS Contract pdf Ink and Toner Cartridges
3206 - SW022 - Pencils, Correction Fluid and Tape Contract pdf Pencils and Correction Fluid and tapes, Crayons 
3508 - SW001 Safety Glasses Contract pdf Safety Glasses
3522 - South Central - signed Contract pdf Paper Products, Bottled Water, Toilet Seat Covers, Survey Flags, Trashbags.  Updated 5/8/2023
3532 - SW001 Urinal Mats, Fire Hose Contract pdf Fire Hose, Recycle Kits, Shower Curtains, Ice Melt
3542 - SW015 - Medical Supplies and PPE Contract pdf Personal Hygiene, Wipes, Medical Shoe Covers, Ultraviolet disinfetion
Apex 3621 - signed (1) Contract pdf Safety Apparel
2020 Safety apparel contract Other xlsx Safety Apparel Excel Catalog
3682 - SW015 Medical Supplies Contract pdf First Aid items and kits
3693 - SW001 Hand Sanitizer-Cleaners Contract pdf GOJO, Hand Sanitizers/Cleaners and Computer Screen Wipes
SUP Gojo Purell Price List Other xlsx GOJO Excel Price List Updated 2/20/18
3699 - South Central - signed Contract pdf Personal Hygiene.  Updated 5/8/2023
3986 SW800 Tepmorary Services Contract pdf Temporary Employment Services
3986 SW800-Temp-Services SAMPLE Pay Rates Other pdf Temporary Employment Services SAMPLE Pay Rates
4105 - SW001 Trophies and Awards Contract pdf Trophies and Acrylic Awards
4115 - SW172 Dried Beans Contract pdf Dried Beans Contract
People First 4147PDF - signed Contract pdf Mops and Dust Mops, brooms, squeegee
4454 Garvin County - signed Contract pdf Plastic Cutlery and Serving Trays Updated 6/5/2023
NewView 4609 - signed Contract pdf Floor Buffer Pads
SW700 Litter Pick-Up Contract pdf Highway Litter Pick-up Contracts
SW001 - Janitorial Contracts Contract pdf Janitorial and Unarmed Security Contracts
3505 - Kiamichi - signed Contract pdf Laundry Detergents and Laundry Service Contracts.  Updated 5/8/2023
3489 - South Central - signed Other pdf Socks. Updated 5/8/2023
People First 4975 - signed Contract pdf Playpen, Crib, car seat, infant safety seat, booster seat Updated 4/26/19
5035 SW001 Delineators and Safety Signs Contract pdf Delineator, Delineator Buttons, Safety SIngs Updated 10/23/18
5036 SW001 Nameplates, Badges, Holders Contract pdf Nameplates, Badges, Holders, Mount, Desktop
5154 SW001 Drug Test Kits Contract pdf Drug Testing Kits and Supplies Updated 12/6/18
5129 SW0915 Under Garments Contract pdf SW0915, 0915, briefs for men or women, bras, sports bras, spandex, cotton jersey, underwear, undergarments, underpants, brassieres
3524 - SW001 - Work Gloves Contract pdf Work Gloves
5270 SW001 ODVA Incontinent Products Contract pdf This contract is for ODVA Incontinent Products - Bulk Shipments   Updated 4/26/19
5330 - SW064 - Tissue, Paper Towels, Wipers Contract pdf NEW - Re-organized contract with updated items.  Updated 10/29/19
5304 - SW001 - Laundry Chemicals Contract pdf Correctional Laundry Products.   Laundry soap, softener, detergent, sour, bleach This includes Free dispensing equipment and servicing.    Updated 10/29/19
5407 - South Central - signed Contract pdf Janitorial Chemicals.   Bleach, citrus cleaner, degreaser, neutral cleaner, glass cleaner, toilet cleaner, bathroom cleaner, Odor control, Wares Chemicals   Updated 5/8/2023
5532 - Kiamichi - signed Contract pdf Coffee and Tea Products Coffee, Tea, K-Cup, Creamer, Open Brew, Brick Coffee, Liquid Coffee, Half and Half, Lemonade.  Updated 5/8/2023
Addendum - address change..doc Addendum docx Addendum for Address Change - 6/24/2020
SW001 5906 Commercial Dish Washing Equipment Contract Contract pdf Commercial dish washing equipment.  Lease or purchase.  Must also use South Central Industries contract #5407 for the detergents/chemicals. See CATALOG for lease and purchase pricing.
5906-SW001-DishMachines Other pdf SW001 #5906 Commercail Dish Machine Catalog for leasing and purchasing.
SouthCentral 6496 - signed Contract pdf Linens

The Committee shall designate by regulation a schedule, hereinafter referred to as the procurement schedule, of the products directly manufactured, produced, processed or assembled or services directly performed, offered or provided by any severely disabled person or qualified nonprofit agency for the severely disabled, as defined by this act, which the Committee determines are suitable for procurement by the state. The Procurement Schedule contains a list of qualified vendors, PeopleSoft Contract numbers, products, and services. 260:115-7-3. Methods state agencies use to make acquisitions       State agencies shall make acquisitions using a method of acquisition in this section.

  1. State Use Committee.State agencies shall make acquisitions from suppliers on the State Use Committee procurement schedule regardless of the acquisition purchase price if the supplier's delivery date meets state agency requirements. State Use Committee contracts are mandatory contracts to the extent a fair market value has been established. State agencies shall utilize the State Use Committee procurement schedule to ensure all acquisitions are made pursuant to 74 O.S. §§ 3001 et seq. If an acquisition is available from both the State Use Committee procurement schedule and the Oklahoma Correctional Industries, the state agency shall make the acquisition from the State Use Committee procurement schedule.

Water, bottled water, drink, Coffee and tea, K cups, Cleaning and janitorial supplies, disinfecting solutions, general purpose cleaners, janitorial services, building and office cleaning, maintenance, fabric and furniture cleaning, Window, window blind cleaning services, building cleaning, fire hoses and nozzles, firefighting equipment, security guard, correction tape, fluid, rollerball pens, markers, pencils highlighters, felt pen, colored pencils, binders, lead and ink refills, ballpoint, safety glasses, apparel, thermal gloves, anti-cut, welder, insulated, anti-vibratory, safety vests, Sauces, spreads and condiments, dipping, marinades, salad dressings, dips dried herbs, spices, extracts, cooking, table salt, dental kits, mouth fresheners, mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors, bath and body, deodorants, urinary incontinence pad, hand cleaner, shampoos, soaps, shaving creams, nail clippers, condoms, hand body lotion, oil, disposable personal wipes, feminine hygiene products, skin care, sanitizer, diapers. Bookkeeping services, internal audits, Nonmetallic nameplates, informational signs, self-adhesive signs, Wound cleaning solutions, bandages, dressings, bandage scissors, gauze, germicidal, Nonhazardous waste disposal, garbage collection, dump, destruction, processing, disposal, HVAC filters, diapers, frames, art, garments, hygiene, gloves, condiments, condoms, incontinent briefs, paper towels, napkins, cups, plates, wipes, pasta, toner, safety glasses, trash bags, shower curtains, ice melt, shoe covers, safety apparal, first aid, gojo, temporary employment, trophies and awards, beans, mops and dust mops, buffer pads, plastic cutlery, unarmed security, laundry detergent, laundry services, secure document destruction, emdia destruction, litter pick-up, computer screen wipes, shredding, cd cases and sleeves, dvd cases and sleeves, Playpen, Crib, lids, bowl, portion control cup, Car seat, booster seat, infant car seat, child safety seat, Delineator, Delineator Buttons, Nameplate, Name Plate, Wall Mount, Wall Holder, Shank free mop, Desktop Holder, Drug Testing Kits, Toxicology Testing Supplies, Urinalysis Testing Supplies, UA Testing Supplies, Work Gloves, Correctional grade laundry chemicals, softener, bleach, detergent, sour, Cross walk signs, safety signs,  glass cleaner, toilet cleaner, bathroom cleaner, neutral cleaner, citrus cleaner, SW001, 001, 1, 0001

40160000 Industrial filtering and purification
40161500 Filters
40161505 Air filters
40161800 Filter media
40161806 Filter mesh
43200000 Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications
43201800 Media storage devices
43201820 Read write high definition digital versatile disc HD DVD
43201828 Digital video disc audio DVD A
43201829 Digital video disc video DVD V
43201822 Read write blu-ray disc BD
43201813 High capacity removable media drives
43202000 Removable storage media
43202003 Digital versatile disks DVDs
43202004 Floppy disks
43202001 Compact disks CDs
43202002 Blank tapes
43202007 High capacity removable media blank disks
43201900 Media storage device accessories
43201904 Digital video disc audio video DVD AV
43202100 Removable storage media accessories
43202101 Compact disk cases
43202103 Multimedia storage holders
43202104 Vertical helix scan VHS videotape storage or accessories
43202102 Floppy disk cases
44100000 Office machines and their supplies and accessories
44103600 Cassette disposal equipment and accessories
44103601 Cassette or tape shredders
44101500 Duplicating machines
44102900 Office machine accessories
44102906 Computer or office equipment cleaning kit
44103100 Printer and facsimile and photocopier supplies
44103107 Printer or facsimile or photocopier cleaning supplies
44103112 Printer ribbon
44103117 Facsimile ribbons
44103108 Developer for printers or photocopiers
44103103 Printer or facsimile toner
44103105 Ink cartridges
44103109 Printer or facsimile or photocopier drums
73150000 Manufacturing support services
73151500 Assembly services
73151506 Final or sub-assembly service
73151800 Converting services
73151804 Folding services
73151600 Packaging services
80160000 Business administration services
80161500 Management support services
80161504 Clerical services
80161508 Document destruction services
80161501 Office administration or secretarial services
80161506 Data archiving services
14110000 Paper products
14111800 Business use papers
14111810 Personnel forms or personnel books
14111500 Printing and writing paper
14111507 Printer or copier paper
14111506 Computer printout paper
14111525 Multipurpose paper
31210000 Paints and primers and finishes
31211700 Miscellaneous finishes
31211702 Lusters
52150000 Domestic kitchenware and kitchen supplies
52151500 Domestic disposable kitchenware
52151502 Domestic disposable dishes
52151504 Domestic disposable cups or glasses or lids
52151501 Domestic disposable cookware
52151600 Domestic kitchen tools and utensils
52152100 Domestic drink ware
52152102 Domestic drinking glasses
52152101 Domestic coffee or tea cups
53100000 Clothing
53102300 Undergarments
53102301 Undershirts
53102303 Underpants
53102308 Diaper liners
53102305 Infant diapers
53102306 Adult diapers
80110000 Human resources services
80111600 Temporary personnel services
80111621 Temporary research and development services
80111608 Temporary information technology software developers
80111605 Temporary financial staffing needs
80111611 Temporary warehouse staff
80111624 Temporary Travel Staffing
80111609 Temporary information technology systems or database administrators
80111603 Temporary production staffing needs
80111615 Temporary machinist personnel
80111619 Temporary creative services
80111602 Temporary marketing staff needs
80111620 Temporary human resources services
80111604 Temporary technician staffing needs
80111616 Temporary customer service personnel
80111622 Temporary safety health environmental services
80111601 Temporary clerical or administrative assistance
80111606 Temporary medical staffing needs
80111607 Temporary legal staffing needs
80111612 Temporary drivers
80111617 Temporary architectural services
80111623 Temporary sourcing and logistics services
80111610 Temporary information technology networking specialists
80111613 Temporary manual labor
80111614 Temporary engineering services
80111618 Temporary construction services
85120000 Medical practice
85121500 Primary care practitioners services
85121504 Primary care physicians emergency medical services
41110000 Measuring and observing and testing instruments
41114200 Land surveying instruments
41114201 Measuring tapes
42310000 Wound care products
42312300 Wound cleaning and debridement products
42312313 Wound cleaning solutions
42312500 Wound supports and supplies and accessories
42311500 Bandages and dressings and related products
42311505 Bandages or dressings for general use
42311514 Germicidal dressings
42311537 Bandage scissors or its supplies
42311502 Bandage or dressing starter kits
42311511 Gauze bandages
42311504 Bandages or dressings for burn care
47130000 Cleaning and janitorial supplies
47131500 Cleaning rags and cloths and wipes
47131501 Rags
47131502 Cleaning cloths or wipes
47131600 Brooms and mops and brushes and accessories
47131602 Scouring pads
47131617 Dust mops
47131618 Wet mops
47131619 Mop heads
47131700 Restroom supplies
47131704 Institutional soap or lotion dispensers
47131705 Urinal or toilet accessories
47131706 Air freshener dispensers
47131800 Cleaning and disinfecting solutions
47131805 General purpose cleaners
47131813 Screen cleaner
47131818 Air sanitizer
48100000 Institutional food services equipment
48101900 Tabletop and serving equipment
48101905 Food service cups or mugs
48101915 Food service trays
48101901 Food service dinnerware
84110000 Accounting and bookkeeping services
84111600 Audit services
84111603 Internal audits
84111500 Accounting services
84111504 Bookkeeping services
91100000 Personal appearance
91101700 Hair care
91101701 Hair cutting or color services
12160000 Additives
12164500 Food or drug additives
12164504 Sweeteners
30180000 Plumbing fixtures
30181500 Sanitary ware
30181528 Shower curtain or assembly
30181532 Toothbrush or tumbler holder
46190000 Fire protection
46191600 Fire fighting equipment
46191603 Fire hoses or nozzles
50420000 Dried vegetables
50421800 Dried beans
50421833 Dried kidney beans
50421844 Dried pinto beans
50421812 Dried brown lazy wife beans
53130000 Personal care products
53131600 Bath and body
53131621 Nail clippers
53131622 Condoms
53131604 Hair combs or brushes
53131612 Bath gels
53131616 Para pharmaceutical creams or lotions
53131623 Hair removal or depilatory products
53131624 Disposable personal wipes
53131607 Hand or body lotion or oil
53131613 Skin care products
53131626 Hand sanitizer
53131628 Shampoos
53131615 Feminine hygiene products
53131627 Hand cleaner
53131603 Razors
53131606 Deodorants
53131608 Soaps
53131611 Shaving creams
53131639 Urinary incontinence pad
53131500 Dental
53131503 Toothbrushes
53131508 Denture cleaning tablets
53131502 Toothpaste
53131506 Dental kits
53131501 Mouthwash
53131509 Mouth fresheners
72140000 Heavy construction services
72141000 Highway and road construction services
72141001 Highway and road new construction service
93140000 Community and social services
93141800 Employment
93141808 Occupational health or safety services
50100000 Nuts and seeds
50101700 Nuts and seeds
50101717 Shelled nuts or seeds
50101716 Whole nuts or seeds
52120000 Bedclothes and table and kitchen linen and towels
52121700 Towels
52121701 Bath towels
52121703 Wash cloths
52121705 Face towel
52121702 Beach towels
52121704 Hand towels
52121600 Table and kitchen linen and accessories
52121602 Napkins
53110000 Footwear
53111600 Shoes
53111602 Womens shoes
53111601 Mens shoes
53112100 Overshoes
60120000 Arts and crafts equipment and accessories and supplies
60121400 Picture framing
60121401 Preassembled wood picture frames
60121411 Acrylic panels for picture frames
60121406 Plastic picture frames
60121403 Preassembled metal picture frames
60121404 Metal section picture frames
60121412 Glass panels for picture frames
60121402 Wood section picture frames
60121000 Art
60121006 Pictures
60121008 Posters
76110000 Cleaning and janitorial services
76111500 General building and office cleaning and maintenance services
76111504 Window or window blind cleaning services
76111505 Fabric and furniture cleaning services
76111501 Building cleaning services
76120000 Refuse disposal and treatment
76121500 Refuse collection and disposal
76121501 Garbage collection or destruction or processing or disposal
76121900 Hazardous waste disposal
76121600 Nonhazardous waste disposal
76121601 Garbage dump
76122300 Recycling services
76122307 Recycling of corrugated cardboard
76122306 Recycling of paper
76122305 Recycling of computer based products
91110000 Domestic and personal assistance
91111500 Laundering services
91111502 Laundry services
93150000 Public administration and finance services
93151500 Public administration
93151510 Administrative fees or tax collection services
44120000 Office supplies
44121800 Correction media
44121806 Correction pen refills
44121801 Correction film or tape
44121807 Eraser refills
44121802 Correction fluid
44121804 Erasers
44122000 Folders and binders and indexes
44121600 Desk supplies
44121700 Writing instruments
44121705 Mechanical pencils
44121721 Erasable ink pen
44121707 Colored pencils
44121715 Combination pen or pencil
44121712 Marker refills
44121702 Pen or pencil sets
44121704 Ball point pens
44121708 Markers
44121716 Highlighters
44121717 Combination pen and highlighter
44121711 Felt pen
44121701 Rollerball pens
44121706 Wooden pencils
44121718 Secured pen sets
44121719 Disposable fountain pen
44121720 Multifunction pen
44121900 Ink and lead refills
44121908 Ballpoint pen ink refill
44121906 Felt pen cartridge
44121904 Ink refills
44121907 Fountain pen ink refill
44121902 Lead refills
46160000 Public safety and control
46161500 Traffic control
46161506 Snow or ice melter
55120000 Signage and accessories
55121700 Signage
55121705 Self adhesive signs
55121701 Metallic nameplates
55121702 Non metallic nameplates
55121706 Banners
55121718 Informational signs
55121713 Point of purchase signs
55121715 Flags or accessories
92120000 Security and personal safety
92121500 Guard services
92121504 Security guard services
42220000 Intravenous and arterial administration products
42221700 Intravenous and arterial infusion bags and containers and related products
42221702 Intravenous or arterial infusion transfer bags or containers
46180000 Personal safety and protection
46181500 Safety apparel
46181503 Protective coveralls
46181538 Thermal gloves
46181536 Anti cut gloves
46181504 Protective gloves
46181507 Safety vests
46181539 Anti vibratory gloves
46181540 Welder gloves
46181537 Insulated gloves
46181800 Vision protection and accessories
46181802 Safety glasses
46181804 Goggles
49100000 Collectibles and awards
49101700 Awards
49101707 Achievement certificate
49101704 Plaques
49101701 Medals
49101702 Trophies
49101705 Certificates
49101706 Photo award
50160000 Chocolate and sugars and sweeteners and confectionary products
50161500 Chocolate and sugars and sweetening products
50161509 Natural sugars or sweetening products
50161510 Artificial sweetening agents
50161800 Confectionary products
50170000 Seasonings and preservatives
50171500 Herbs and spices and extracts
50171551 Cooking or table salt
50171550 Spices or extracts
50171549 Dried herbs
50171800 Sauces and spreads and condiments
50171830 Dipping sauces or condiments or spreads or marinades
50171832 Salad dressing or dips
50190000 Prepared and preserved foods
50192400 Jams and jellies and nut and sweet spreads and fruit conserves
50192401 Jams or jellies or fruit preserves
50200000 Beverages
50202300 Non alcoholic beverages
50202301 Water
50202310 Spring or mineral water
50201700 Coffee and tea
50201711 Instant tea
50201706 Coffee
50201709 Instant coffee
50201713 Tea bags
50201708 Coffee drinks
30100000 Structural materials and basic shapes
30102000 Foil
30102006 Aluminum foil
42130000 Medical apparel and textiles
42131500 Patient clothing
42131600 Medical staff clothing and related articles
42131609 Medical staff shoe covers
42131700 Surgical textiles
42132200 Medical gloves and accessories
42132203 Medical exam or non surgical procedure gloves
42132201 Medical glove boxes or dispensers
42132205 Surgical gloves
42140000 Patient care and treatment products and supplies
42143900 Fecal incontinence products
42143901 Fecal incontinence collection bag or accessory
42141500 Applicator swabs and cotton balls
42141501 Cotton ball or fiber
42141502 Fiber tipped sticks
42170000 Emergency and field medical services products
42171500 Emergency medical services disaster management products
42171502 Emergency medical services triage tags
42171700 Emergency medical services blankets
42171702 First aid blankets
42172200 Emergency medical services supplies
45130000 Photographic and recording media
45131500 Still picture film
45131501 Color film
47120000 Janitorial equipment
47121900 Cleaning equipment accessories
47121902 Squeege or washer accessories
83120000 Information services
83121600 Information centers
83121603 Computerized information retrieval systems

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