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Central Purchasing Division
Contract Type
Non-Mandatory Statewide

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SW Number:
Closing Date Status:

Document Lifecycle Management
Cini Zacharia
Closing Date:
Award Date:

Contract Period Starting Date:
Contract Period Ending Date:
Agreement Period Starting Date:
Agreement Period Ending Date:

  Attachment Title Attachment Type File Type Comments
FULLY EXECUTED SW1013 Databank Addendum w Attach Other pdf FULLY EXECUTED SW1013D  Addendum Databank.
SW1013D-AttachmentAPriceTemplate Price Adjustment xlsx SW1013D-Price sheet- Attachment A  for DATABANK IMX LLC
SW1013D-OMES-FORM-CP-075 Addendum pdf SW1013D-OMES-FORM-CP-075- Addendum#1
SW1013D -OMES -FORM-CP 071 Notice of Statewide Contract Award Other pdf SW1013D -OMES -FORM-CP 071 Notice of Statewide Contract Award.
SW1013D- OMES -FORM-CP 072 award supplier Other pdf SW1013D- OMES -FORM-CP 072 awarded suppliers information.
FULLY EXECUTED SW1013 Databank Addendum 2 Other pdf SW1013D- Databank- addendum #2 Hyland Software End User License Agreement signed.
Solicitation#0900000414 with ATT-A price template Solicitation pdf Solicitation#0900000414 with Attachment -A price template
SW1013D Pscontract#5870 signed Contract pdf SW1013D PScontract#5870  renewal signed for DATABANK IMX LLC 2022-2023.
SW1013D-OMES-FORM-CP-075 Addendum#2 Addendum pdf SW1013D-OMES-FORM-CP-075- Addendum #2 for renewal information  for DATABANK IMX LLC , LLC 2021-2022.
SW1013D Addendum#3Lock Box Addendum pdf This Addendum is issued to offer a new option for OMES Lockbox Procedures. Awarded Suppliers may contact the Contracting Officer for details. 
SW1013D-OMES-FORM-CP-075 Addendum#4 Addendum pdf SW1013D-OMES-FORM-CP-075 Addendum#4 for the renewal of DATABANK IMX LLC for 2022-2023. 

090-414, 0900000414, RFP#0900000414,Solicitation#0900000414,Document Lifecycle Management,  DLM.  1013, SW1013, SW1013D, Data bank,  Databank, DATABANK IMX LLC Document Lifecycle, , Document Indexing, Scanning Services, Data to disk, Document Preparation, Data Entry, Conversions of microfilm, Upload converted records to ECM, Pick-up, delivery and handling, Confidential Destruction of Paper Documents, Storage, Scanning Devices , Scanning Software- Licenses  Training , Maintenance , Support , Professional services

43200000 Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications
43201800 Media storage devices
43201811 Read write digital versatile disc DVD
43201814 Electronic media or data duplicating equipment
43202000 Removable storage media
43202005 Flash memory storage devices
43201900 Media storage device accessories
43201902 Optical disk changers
43202100 Removable storage media accessories
43202103 Multimedia storage holders
43202200 Sub assemblies for electronic devices
43202206 Storage drive or input device components
80160000 Business administration services
80161500 Management support services
80161508 Document destruction services
80161506 Data archiving services
80161600 Business facilities oversight
80161603 Furniture project administration or management
80161700 Asset recovery service
80161703 Excess or obsolete non capital material disposal or sale service
43220000 Data Voice or Multimedia Network Equipment or Platforms and Accessories
43221700 Fixed network equipment and components
43221723 Cellular antenna
86130000 Specialized educational services
86132200 Educational support services
86132201 Training workshop service
86132100 Training planning, facilitation and delivery services
86132101 Training facilitation service
86132102 Training planning and development consultancy service
86132000 Management education and training services
86132001 Executive coaching service
81110000 Computer services
81112000 Data services
81112001 Online data processing service
81112006 Data storage service
81112005 Document scanning service
81112003 Data center services
81112002 Data processing or preparation services
81112010 Data conversion service
81112007 Content or data standardization services
81112300 Computer hardware maintenance and support
81112301 Disk storage system maintenance
81112306 Printer maintenance
81112500 Computer software licensing rental or leasing service
81112501 Computer software licensing service
81112502 Computer software rental or leasing service
81112200 Software maintenance and support
81112201 Maintenance or support fees
81112209 Development software maintenance
81112215 Content management software maintenance
81112220 Server software maintenance
81112202 Software patches or upgrades
43230000 Software
43231500 Business function specific software
43231513 Office suite software
43231507 Project management software
43232100 Content authoring and editing software
43232107 Web page creation and editing software
43232200 Content management software
43232202 Document management software
43233700 System management software
43233701 Enterprise system management software
43232400 Development software
43232402 Development environment software
82130000 Photographic services
82131500 Film processing services
82131505 Film post production service
45130000 Photographic and recording media
45131600 Moving picture media
45131601 Motion picture camera film
45131700 Media storage
45131701 Slide trays or organizers
45131500 Still picture film
45131501 Color film

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