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Central Purchasing Division
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Mandatory Statewide

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Sweepers, Street and Floor Cleaning Machines
Lisa Bradley
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  Attachment Title Attachment Type File Type Comments
01 SW191-2017 Solicitation Solicitation pdf SW0191 Solicitation for Sweepers
02 Notice of Statewide Contract Award Contract pdf Notice of Statewide Contract Award with contract term
03 SW0191-Participation Form Other pdf SW0191-Participation Form - If you are not an Oklahoma state agency, you are required to fill this out and return via email to
04 SW0191 Frontier Award Information Contract pdf SW0191 Frontier Award Information-Point of Contact, Pricing, Warranty
05 Frontier Equipment Awarded Contract zip Frontier Equipment Awarded - Schwarze Products
06 SW0191 Global Award Information Contract pdf SW0191 Global Award Information-Point of Contact, Pricing, Warranty
07 Global R3 V4 V6 Contract zip Global Environmental R3, V4 and V6 Product Information
08 Global M3-M4 Contract zip Global Environmental M3 and M4 Product Information.
09 Global Alt Fuel-Electric M4 Contract zip Global Environmental Alternative Fuel-Electric M4 Product Information.
10 Global M4 HSD Contract zip Global Environmental M4 HSD Product Information.
11 SW0191 J and R Award Information Contract pdf SW0191 J&R Equipment-Point of Contact, Ordering, Warranty
12 J and R Equipment Awarded Contract zip J and R Equipment Awarded - Elgin Sweepers
13 SW0191 Nilfisk Award Information Contract pdf SW0191 Nilfisk Award Information-Point of Contact, Pricing, Warrant
14 Nilfisk Equipment Awarded Contract zip Nilfisk Equipment Awarded-Advance Commercial, Advance Industrial and Clarke Products
16 SW0191 Nitehawk Award Information Contract pdf   SW0191 Nitehawk Information-Point of Contact, Pricing, Warranty
17 Nitehawk Osprey and Raptor Contract pdf Nitehawk Osprey and Raptor Product Information
18 Nitehawk Osprey II Contract pdf Nitehawk Osprey II Product Information
19 Nitehawk Raptor II Contract pdf Nitehawk Raptor II Product Information
20 Nitehawk Raptor II Continued Contract pdf Nitehawk Raptor II Product Information (Continued)
21 SW0191 Tennant Award Information Contract pdf SW0191 Tennant Award Information-Point of Contact, Pricing, Warranty
22 Tennant Equipment Awarded Contract zip Tennant Brand Equipment Awarded
24 SW0191 United Engines Award Information Contract pdf SW0191 United Engines Award Information-Point of Contact
25 United Engines Awarded Equipment Contract zip United Engines Awarded Equipment - Tymco Products
26 SW191 Reference Other xlsx SW191  Reference Sheet
27 SW0191 - Addendum #1 Addendum pdf SW0191 - Addendum #1 - Point of Contact Change
28 SW0191 - Addendum #2 Addendum pdf SW0191 - Addendum #2 - Renewal
33 SW0191 - Addendum #3 Addendum pdf SW0191 - Addendum #3 - Point of Contact Change
Addendum 4 Addendum pdf Tennant 2019 updated pricing
Addendum 5 Addendum pdf Nilfisk 2019 updated price
Addendum#6 for Buyer change Addendum pdf Addenum#6 -Buyer change
Addendum #7 Addendum pdf Addendum#7-Tennant Sales and Service Company-Contract 5386 – Modifications
TSSC Contract 5386_Product and Disc Listing update Other pdf Tennant co.  Contract 5386- Product and Disc Listing update.
2020 price sheet for Nitehawk Price Adjustment xlsx Price sheet for Nitehawk -2020-2021.
Change of Address Addendum#9 Addendum pdf SW0191 Addendum#9 - Notification to Physical Address change of OMES.
SW0191-Addendum# 8 OMES-FORM-CP-075 Addendum pdf SW0191-Addendum# 8 OMES-FORM-CP-075 - Contract Renewal information for 2020-2021.
SW0191- OMES-Form -CP 072 Multi award supplier Information Other pdf SW0191- OMES-Form -CP 072 Multi award supplier Information.
SW0191- Frontier Price sheet for 2021 Price Adjustment pdf SW0191- Frontier - price sheet for 2021-2022. 
SW0191 Pscontract#4866 signed Contract pdf SW0191 Pscontract#4866 signed FRONTIER EQUIPMENT SALES LLC. for 2021-2022.
SW0191 PSContract#4873 signed Contract pdf SW0191 PSContract#4873 renewal  signed for United Engines, LLC 2021-2022.
SW0191 Pscontract#4867 signed Contract pdf SW0191 Pscontract#4867 Renewal signed for J & R  Equipment, LLC 2021-2022.
SW0191 PS Contract# 5849 signed Contract pdf SW0191 PS Contract# 5849  Renewal signed for Tennant Sales & Service 2021-2022.
SW0191 PS Contract# 5387 signed Contract pdf SW0191 PS Contract# 5387 signed Nilfisk, Inc. 2021-2022.
2022 Oklahoma State Contract Pricing Price Adjustment xlsx 2022 Oklahoma State Pricing  for NilFisk- Updated on 02.18.2022
SW0191 United Engine price 2021-2022 Price Adjustment pdf SW0191 United Engine price  sheet for 2021-2022.
SW0191 PS contract#4944 signed Contract pdf SW0191- PS contract# 4944-Signed for Nitehawk 2021-2022.  
TSSC Contract 5849 Price Update Price Adjustment pdf SW0191- Tennant sales Price sheet for 2021. ( docs contains: Letter detailing requested update, Product and discount listing and  Updated price sheet list effective from 10/04/2021).  
SW0191-Addendum#10 Lock Box Addendum pdf This Addendum is issued to offer a new option for OMES Lockbox Procedures. Awarded Suppliers may contact the Contracting Officer for details. 
United -Tymco price 2022 Price Adjustment pdf SW0191 United Engine- Tymco price  sheet for 2022, updated 03.01.2022.
TSSC Contract 5849 Update April 2022 Price Adjustment pdf Price Adjustment from Tennant Sales April 2022
SW0191_Addendum 11 Addendum pdf Extension through 12/27/2022
Frontier 0-4866 V1.PDF - signed Contract pdf Frontier Extension 122722
Nilfisk 0-5387 V1.PDF - signed Contract pdf Nilfisk Extension 122722
Tennant 0-5849 V1.PDF - signed Contract pdf Tennant Extension 122722
United 0-4873 V1.PDF - signed Contract pdf United Extension 122722
Frontier Pricing - Schwarze-2022 Price Adjustment pdf Frontier Catalog Revision_Schwarze_2022

Awarded Suppliers:   Frontier Equipment Sales, J&R Equipment, Nitehawk Sweepers, Nilfisk, Tennant and United Engines Searchable Terms:  Mechanical sweepers, mechanical, airport, airport sweepers, runway, runway sweepers, walk behind, riding, vacuum cleaners, street sweepers, parking lot cleaners, floor cleaners, buffers, floor,:  Outside and Inside. VACUUMS, RIDER CLEANERS, FLOOR CLEANING, STREET SWEEPERS, BUFFERS, ALTERNATIVE FUEL SWEEPERS,   191, SW191, SW0191, street, Nilfisk, J R, J R Equipment Viper line addition, Viper,SC5000 Rider Scrubbers, 

10160000 Floriculture and silviculture products
10161800 Non flowering plants
25100000 Motor vehicles
25101900 Specialized and recreational vehicles
25101908 Quads
47120000 Janitorial equipment
47121600 Floor machines and accessories
47121612 Floor sweepers
47121603 Floor polishers
47121610 Floor washing machine
47121602 Vacuum cleaners
47121604 Wet or dry combination vacuum cleaners
47121605 Floor scrubbers
47121607 Vacuum cleaner supplies or accessories
47121606 Carpet sweepers

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