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OK.gov Single Sign-On

The OK.gov Single Sign-On utility allows authorized individuals to access state online services using a single User ID and password whenever the Single Sign-On icon is visible. For example, a user can use the same User ID and password to register as a vendor for the state of Oklahoma, purchase educational material from the Highway Safety Office's Online Library, and renew their professional license

When access to information or services is restricted in order to protect the users' privacy or the privacy of others, the individual will be asked to provide their OK.gov Single Sign-On information. The Single Sign-On information verifies the user's identity so that we can provide access to information and services and prevent access by unauthorized individuals.

How Do I Get A Single Sign-On Account?
Online services with the OK.gov Single Sign-On icon allow users to create personal Single Sign-On accounts. This provides secure access to conducting transactions with the state of Oklahoma over the Internet. Note: Users must provide a valid, unique email address to register for an OK.gov Single Sign-On account. Information regarding the account will be sent to this email address only.

How Does the Single Sign-On Process Work?

All OI services which have the OK.gov Single Sign-On icon work in a similar manner. In general, there is a two-step process to sign on:

  1. First Time Users: When logging onto a new online service with the OK.gov Single Sign-On icon, all individuals must click the 'First Time User' link or button and follow all onscreen prompts. To ACTIVATE their account, they must check their email when prompted at the end of the registration process to retrieve the ACTIVATION NUMBER. From then on, the user can login using their newly created ‘Login’ and ‘Password’ in the fields provided on the online service. 
  2. Returning Users: If the user has already proceeded through the 'First Time User' process as describe above, users can login using the ‘Login’ and ‘Password’ fields located on the online service or gain access through the portal.

My Profile
My Profile allows users to modify account information, email address, password and other personal information. 

Forgot Login ID
The OK.gov Single Sign-On utility easily allows all account holders to retrieve their Login ID. The user can simply enter the email address for the account and the Login ID associated with the email address will be emailed to the individual.

Reset/Forgot Password
The OK.gov Single Sign-On utility easily allows all account holders to enter their Login ID and email address to reset their password. Individuals must know answers to their security questions, which were completed when they first created the account. Once security questions are answered correctly, the individual can create a new password to access the OK.gov online service. 

OK.gov's security is certified by a third party, Cybertrust. All transactions are secure and encrypted. In addition to Cybertrust, many other security policies and practices are placed on OK.gov online services to ensure the safety of user's information. > Learn more