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For Free inquiries on your PayCard Account; call MoneyNetwork 1-888-913-0900 or view your account on the web. Go to http://moneynetwork.com and select "Access Your PayCard Account".

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not business days. Remember that banks have more holidays than most businesses.

For visual aid to access an ATM or to make a POS purchase (Point Of Sale), go to http://moneynetwork.com and select "Marketing Info", then select "ATM How To" or "POS How To" or refer to the Money Network Paycard Access Guide.

A "Hold" on your funds is caused by an authorization and a settlement amount not matching, both being deducted from the balance. The hold can be up to 72 hours. An example would be reservations for hotels, car rentals or convenience stores using the pay-at-the-pump option. To avoid a "hold" for pay-at-the-pump, opt to pay the cashier.

If you need additional cash before your next deposit, note that the fee for an ATM withdrawal is more expensive than a PIN debit with cash back. An example is cash back when you make a purchase at Wal-Mart or Walgreen's.

Fee Structure

Signature Debit Transaction Free
Inquiries VRU Phone (Voice) Free
Monthly Internet Statement Free
Bank Withdrawal (Cash Advance) $5.00
Lost / Stolen Card Replacement $6.00 - refer to the pamphlet Instructions
Insufficient Funds Charge $10.00
ATM Transactions $1.25*
PIN-Debit POS Transaction $0.45*
ATM Balance Inquiry $1.25*
Transcheck $0.50*
Paper Monthly Statement $2.50**
*One Free Transaction per deposit
**Paper Statements, No charge for first 6 months of program

Daily Limits

ATM Daily Withdrawal Limit $400
POS Daily Transaction Limit $600
Transcheck Limit Maximum of Account Balance

Operator Assisted Fees

Balance Inquiry $1.00
Account Research $10.00 per hour


  1. Link to Bank of Oklahoma locations, ATM locations and 7-Eleven ATM locations - http://web.sa.mapquest.com/bankofoklahoma/?tempset=search
  2. Link to the All Point surcharge-free locations located throughout the United States - http://moneynetwork.via.infonow.net/locator/
  3. Link to MoneyNetwork employee page. http://www.moneynetwork.com/employee.asp?Main=Employees&Page=Employees