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FAQs and Helpful Hints for the Online Mobilization Reporting Utility


How does my agency sign up to use online reporting?
All it requires is internet access, a designated Contact Person, and a few minutes to enter the required information. From the main Mobilization Reporting page on the OHSO website, click the "Register Now" Button and provide the requested information through an easy 5-step process. Be sure and keep your login name and password as well as the answers to the two security questions in a safe place.

Are the User ID, Password and Security Question answers case sensitive?
Yes, they are! MrSmith is not the same as mrsmith, and ABC123 is not the same as abc123, so be cautious in choosing your User ID, Password, and in supplying the answers to the security questions. A mixture of capitals and lower case, and numbers and letters makes for better security, but also increases the possibility of mistake. It is strongly encouraged that you write down this information and keep it in a safe place. Don't depend on memory.

What can I use as a User ID and Password?
The User ID must contain at least 5 characters, which can be letters, numbers or a combination of both (suggested). The Password must have between 8 and 15 alpha-numeric characters (letters and numbers), must contain at least 1 letter and 1 number, and you cannot repeat the same character consecutively.

When can an agency register to use the Online Mobilization Reporting Utility?
An agency can register to use the utility at any time, year round. You do not have to wait until the Mobilization is announced to register. However, you cannot submit a Pre-mobilization Sign-up until 30 days before a Mobilization period begins.

Does an agency have to register again for each mobilization?
No. Once your agency has been registered for mobilization reporting, it does not have to register again. When the next mobilization is held, you will use the same login name and password as before. You will, however, have to submit a new Pre-mobilization Sign-up and Post-mobilization Activity Report for each mobilization.

After my agency registration is submitted, what happens?
Your registration information is sent to the OHSO for review and verification. The OHSO may contact your agency head to verify any information provided. After the registration is verified, the "Contact Person" identified in the registration process will be sent an email notification that online reporting for your agency has been activated.

Can an agency have more than one "Contact Person"?
No. Only one Contact Person is allowed per agency.

Can we change the "Contact Person" listed?
Yes. When the Pre-mobilization Sign-up or Post-mobilization Activity Report is submitted for each mobilization, you are required to provide a "Contact Person" for that mobilization, which will update the agency contact information if it is different than what was provided for the previous mobilization. Actually, the only information which is unique to the Contact Person is the Login User Name, the Login Password and the email address. Since we sometimes will send out information to all registered users on the system in between mobilization reporting periods, if you make a change in a designated Contact Person and want to be sure you receive this information, then send an email notifying us of the change using the link on the "Contact Us" page on the OHSO website.

What if I forget my login name or password?
If you lose your login name or password, go to the main Mobilization Reporting page and click the "lost password" button. Enter the email address of the current Contact Person on the account and instructions on how to change the login name or password will be sent to that email address.

Who do I contact if I am having problems with my registration?
If you experience problems with your registration or the registration process, other than a lost password, call the Highway Safety Office at (405) 523-1570 or send us an email using the link on the "Contact Us" page on the OHSO website.

Can we add or edit the Agency Name or County as shown on the Mobilization Reporting drop down boxes?
No, the agency name/county is a unique identifier and is assigned by the OHSO. If the name or county listed for your agency is incorrect, or if your agency is not listed at all, notify the OHSO by letter or email using the link on the "Contact Us" page on the OHSO website.

Pre-mobilization Sign-up

When can we submit the Pre-mobilization Sign-up?
You may submit the Pre-mobilization Sign-up beginning 30 days prior to and until the start of the mobilization period. For example, if the mobilization starts on May 25, you can submit a Pre-mobilization Sign-up starting on April 25, but no later than midnight on May 24.

Can an agency submit a Pre-mobilization Sign-up after the Mobilization Period has begun?
No. The Pre-mobilization Sign-up must be submitted by the Due Date as described in the paragraph above. An agency can submit an Activity Report after the Pre-mobilization period, and all participating agencies are encouraged to do so; however, the agency would not be eligible for any incentive awards.

How long does it take to complete the Pre-mobilization Sign-up?
Depending on your internet connection speed, it should take very little time.After you log in, you only have to review your agency information for correctness and indicate by five (5) check boxes the areas in which you will be conducting mobilization activities.

What is the difference between "Media Outreach" and "Press Events"?
Press Events are things such as a TV or radio Press Conference, Reporter "Ride-a-longs", media coverage of "live events" such as a checkpoint, or other "staged" events; Media Outreach refers to issuing press releases, PSAs, distribution of posters or other promotional items, etc.

How do we know that our Pre-mobilization Sign-up has been submitted successfully?
At the conclusion of the sign-up process, you will receive a on-screen notification that your Pre-mobilization Sign-up was successfully submitted. You will also be given the opportunity to print out a copy of the successful completion information.

Can we edit or change the information submitted on the Pre-mobilization Sign-up?
No. Once you have submitted the Pre-mobilization form, you cannot come back and modify it. This information is preliminary in nature, and you are not penalized in any way if all indicated activities are not performed. However, please be realistic with your expectations.

If the Contact Person listed in the Registration process has changed, can we report that change during the Pre-mobilization Sign-up process?
Yes. You will need to login using the Agency assigned ID and Password. When you review your agency information during the sign-up process, you will have the opportunity to make any changes in the Contract Person's name, phone numbers, email addresses, or agency address. The only items you cannot change are the Agency Name and County. Any changes made will automatically update the account. If you want to change the Login ID and/or Password, that can only be done through the "Lost Password" link on the Mobilization home page

Post-mobilization Activity Report

When can we report our activity?
You can submit your activity at any time beginning on the day the mobilization starts until midnight of the Due Date shown on the Activity Report page. The Due Date is usually 30 days after the mobilization ends, but may vary by a few days depending on reporting requirements to NHTSA. You cannot submit activity after the Post-mobilization Activity Report Due Date.

How do we report the activity online?
You may report activity at any time once the mobilization has started until the Activity Report Due Date. Login to Mobilization Reporting page using a valid User ID and Password and follow the on-screen instructions. Helpful tips are also provided for many of the data entry fields. All data fields require a numerical entry, even if it is only -0-.

Can we edit or change the information submitted on the Activity Report form?
Yes. Unlike the Pre-mobilization Sign-up, you can modify the data you submit on your Activity Report. To do so, login as usual and you will be automatically directed to your Activity Report. You can change any of the data and click the Submit button. The new data will overwrite the old data. You may make any necessary changes until midnight of the Due Date. Data cannot be submitted or modified after the Due Date.

Can we submit a Post-mobilization Activity Report if we did not submit a Pre-mobilization Sign-up?
Yes.We strongly encourage an agency that participated in the mobilization in any way to submit a Post-mobilization Activity Report. Although the agency would not be eligible for any incentive award, their participation is still important in promoting and improving highway safety in Oklahoma.

General Questions

Why and what are Due Dates?
Due Dates are specific dates reporting deadlines that the Highway Safety Office has established to help the OHSO ensure that we can meet our reporting and participation goals. There are two Due Dates for Mobilization Reporting: (1) the Pre-mobilization Sign-up, and (2) the Post-mobilization Activity Report. The Pre-mobilization Due Date is the last day before the Mobilization period starts; the Post-mobilization Due Date is approximately 30 days after the mobilization ends. In order to qualify for certain incentive awards, an agency must submit these reports by midnight of the Due Date given. Agencies that do not submit the Pre-mobilization Sign-up are still encouraged to participate in the Mobilization and submit a Post-mobilization Activity Report. The Due Date for submitting the Post-mobilization report is usually 30 days after the date the Mobilization ends, but may vary a few days depending on reporting requirements which the OHSO must meet. Activity cannot be submitted after the Due Date of the Post-mobilization report.

Should I mail or fax in the written Bounce Back and Activity Reports if I submit them online?
No. If you use the online reporting utility, there is no need to mail or fax them in and only creates duplication of effort. Plus, it is faster, less costly and more efficient.

Is the information submitted secure?
Yes. The State's web provider,, has taken extensive steps to ensure the privacy of the information submitted online, including encryption.

Can I use any computer to register and submit our reports?
Yes, for the most part, unless your agency Computer Administrator has limited agency access to the internet. If you experience a problem, contact your Agency Administrator or ISP. Normally, if you can access the OHSO website, you should be able to use the Mobilization Reporting Utility.