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Question: Why would an operator's name be missing from the list on the Web site?
Answer: Newly licensed operator's names may not appear for at least three weeks from the exam date.
Temporary and non-Certified Helpers names may not appear for at least three weeks from the application date.
If an operator license expires on June 30th and it is not renewed, they are no longer a licensed operator, and their name will not appear until the license is renewed. (Operator licenses expire each year on June 30th; however temporary licenses are only valid for one year.)
Question: If there is incorrect information in my operator record, who should I call?
Answer: Call the Operator Certification Section of the DEQ at 405-702-8100.
Question: If I have trouble using this Web site, who should I call?
Answer: Customer service at - 405-521-2444.
Question: How do operators notify DEQ of new employment and employers notify DEQ of new hires/fires?
Answer: Complete the Employee Hire/Departure Notification Form, which can be found on our links page.