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Central Purchasing Division
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Mandatory Statewide

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Professional Grade Tools and Diagnostic Equipment
Lisa Bradley
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  Attachment Title Attachment Type File Type Comments
RFP Summary - Professional Grade Tools Solicitation pdf RFP Summary
Attachment A - RFP Terms and Conditions - Professional Grade Tools Solicitation pdf Terms and Conditions
Attachment B - Statement of Work (SOW)-Oklahoma Pro Grade Tools Solicitation pdf Statement of Work
Attachment C - RFP Evaluation Plan - Oklahoma Pro Grade Tools Solicitation pdf Evaluation Detail
Attachment D - Sample Master Agreement Terms Conditions Solicitation pdf NASPO ValuePoint Sample Master Agreement
Attachment E - Potential Participation - Oklahoma Pro Grade Tools Solicitation pdf States Interested to Participate as of posting date
Attachment F - Protest Information - OK Pro Grade Tools Solicitation pdf Oklahoma Protest Information
Attachment G - Offeror Information Acknowledgements and Certifications Solicitation pdf Acknowledgement and Certifications
Attachment H - Offeror Response Worksheet Solicitation xlsx Required Offereror Response-Business and Technical
Attachment I - Cost Proposal - Professional Grade Tools -new 2.27.2023 Solicitation xlsx Pricing Submission
Attachment J - Proposed Modifications to Sample Master Agreement - Oklahoma Pro Grade Tools Solicitation docx Exception to Terms
Attachment K - Claim of Business Confidentiality - Oklahoma Pro Grade Tools Solicitation pdf Confidintiality Information
Attachment L- Value Added Template Solicitation pdf Option for Value Added Services or Items
Attachment M - Authorized Dealers Solicitation xlsx Listing of Authorized Dealers if necessary
Attachment N - Past Performance Survey Solicitation pdf Reference Survey Form
OK-MA-818-23_Amendment 1 Amendment pdf Revised RFP Timeline
OK-MA-818-23_Amendment 2 Amendment pdf Question and Answer Amendment

Oklahoma-NASPO ValuePoint National Contract for Professional Grade Tools and Diagnostic Equipment.  Q&A Deadline:   April 19, 2023 Responses Due:  May 18, 2023. 818, tools, OKMA, OK-MA

41110000 Measuring and observing and testing instruments
41112100 Transducers
41113100 Gas analyzers and monitors
41113600 Electrical measuring and testing equipment
41113900 Soil measuring equipment
41111700 Viewing and observing instruments and accessories
41112200 Temperature and heat measuring instruments
41114500 Mechanical instruments
27110000 Hand tools
27111700 Wrenches and drivers
27112200 Masonry and concrete tools
27112400 Fastener setting tools
27112800 Tool attachments and accessories
27111800 Measuring and layout tools
27111900 Rough and finishing tools
27113300 Precision hand tools
27112700 Power tools
27113200 Tool kits
23100000 Raw materials processing machinery
23101500 Machinery for working wood and stone and ceramic and the like

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