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Solicitation Detail

Central Purchasing Division
Contract Type
Non-Mandatory Statewide

Solicitation Number:
SW Number:
Closing Date Status:

Rebid - Infant/Toddler/Children Products
Marc Brown
Closing Date:
Award Date:

Contract Period Starting Date:
Contract Period Ending Date:
Agreement Period Starting Date:
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  Attachment Title Attachment Type File Type Comments
0900000555 - Bidder Instructions Solicitation pdf Bidder Instructions
0900000555 - SW Attachment A Solicitation Infant_Toddler_Children Products Solicitation pdf Specifications
0900000555 - Attachment B State General Terms Solicitation pdf General Terms
0900000555 - Attachment C Statewide Specific Terms Solicitation pdf Statewide Terms
0900000555 Exhibit 2 - Cost Workbook Solicitation xlsx Exhibit 2
0900000555 Exhibit 3 Example Mother-Baby-Toddler Food Solicitation pdf Exhibit 3
0900000555 Exhibit 4 Example Bedding and Room D??cor Solicitation pdf Exhibit 4
0900000555 Exhibit 5 Example Baby Toddler Toys Solicitation pdf Exhibit 5
0900000555 Exhibit 6 Example Bath Skincare Solicitation pdf Exhibit 6
0900000555 -OMES-Form-CP004 Solicitation pdf Non-Collusion Certification
0900000555 -OMES-Form-CP076 Solicitation pdf Responding Bidder Information
0900000555 -OMES FormVendorPayee Solicitation pdf Payee Form
SW0360 Addendum 1 Addendum pdf New Contracting Officer
SW0360 Front Pages Vendor pdf Vendor Info
Halo Innovations Inc Contract - signed Contract pdf Halo Contract w/Pricing
Lakeshore Learning Contract - signed Contract pdf Lakeshore Contract w/Pricing

SW0360 -0900000555 - Solicitation for Infant, Toddler, Children, Products, Nursery Furniture, Baby Gear, Strolllers, Diapers, Child Car Seats, Feeding Infants. Halo, Lakeshore,

53100000 Clothing
53102300 Undergarments
53102308 Diaper liners
53102305 Infant diapers
53101600 Shirts and blouses
53101900 Suits
53101905 Infants suits
60140000 Toys and games
60141000 Toys
60141004 Stuffed animals or puppets
60141023 Bath toys
60141024 Rattles
60141008 Pull toys
60141006 Building blocks
60141300 Childrens blocks and building systems
56100000 Accommodation furniture
56101800 Baby and toddler furniture and accessories
56101803 Carriages or perambulators or strollers
56101805 Car seats
56101811 Bassinets or cradles
56101807 Bouncer seats or jumpers
56101808 Swings or jumpers or accessories
56101812 Changing tables or accessories
56101806 High chairs or accessories
56101813 Bath seats
56101804 Cribs or playpens or accessories
56101809 Potty seats
56101810 Baby baths or tubs
53110000 Footwear
53111600 Shoes
53111605 Infants shoes
53111800 Sandals
53111805 Infants sandals
50190000 Prepared and preserved foods
50193000 Infant foods and beverages
50193001 Infant foods
50193002 Infant beverages

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