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Central Purchasing Division
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Mandatory Statewide

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Food Service Products
Jennifer McCaulla
Closing Date:
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  Attachment Title Attachment Type File Type Comments
0900000394 - SOLICITATION - 20190730 Solicitation pdf New Request for Proposal for Food Service Products
Attachment A Pricing Proposal Solicitation xlsx ATTACHMENT A - PRICING PROPOSAL
0900000394 -MARKETBASKET -20190730 Solicitation xlsx ATTACHMENT A - MARKETBASKET
customer reference form - attachment B Solicitation pdf ATTACHMENT B - CUSTOMER REFERENCE FORM
SW0156 amendment 1 Addendum pdf Amendment to Solicitation to add additional term.
0900000394 - AMENDMENT TWO - 20190821 Amendment pdf To answer questions and to amend the solicitation
0900000394 - AMENDMENT TWO vs2 - 20190821 Amendment pdf Corrected version of Amendment Two
0900000394 - AMENDMENT THREE - 20190903 Amendment pdf to answer additional questions.
SW0156 - CONTRACT - 20200406 Contract pdf New Contract Award
SW0156 Addendum 1 20200618 Addendum pdf Change of Address Addendum

OMES Point of Contact:  Jennifer McCaulla;


Solicitation 0900000394, SW0156, SW156, 156, 0156, Food, Groceries, Commodities, healthcare, hospitality, dairy, milk, cheese, yogurt, meats, chicken, beef, pork, bacon, seafood, fish, poultry, frozen foods, canned, dry goods,  paper bags, filter paper, aluminum foil, food warp PVC, sandwich bags, freezer tape, meat wrapping paper, kitchen cleaning suppliers, small kitchen equipment, smallwares, tublers, flatware, dinnerware. glassware, produce, fresh fruit and vegetables, dispenser beverages, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, drink mixes

50130000 Dairy products and eggs
50131600 Eggs and egg substitutes
50131700 Milk and butter products
50131800 Cheese
50440000 Frozen vegetables
50443200 Frozen corn
50442000 Frozen broccoli
50442100 Frozen brussel sprouts
48100000 Institutional food services equipment
48102100 Storage and handling equipment and supplies
50110000 Meat and poultry products
50111500 Minimally processed meat and poultry products
50112000 Processed meat and poultry products
14120000 Industrial use papers
14121800 Coated papers
50150000 Edible oils and fats
50151500 Edible vegetable and plant oils and fats
50151600 Edible animal oils and fats
50400000 Fresh vegetables
50402700 Celery
50405300 Onions
50405700 Potatoes
50402300 Cabbages
50403400 Cucumbers
50402000 Broccoli
50402600 Cauliflowers
24110000 Containers and storage
24111500 Bags
50360000 Canned or jarred fruit
50362500 Canned or jarred cherries
50362700 Canned or jarred cranberries
50364500 Canned or jarred mangoes
50361500 Canned or jarred apples
50120000 Seafood
50121500 Fish
50121600 Shellfish
50170000 Seasonings and preservatives
50171500 Herbs and spices and extracts
50171700 Vinegars and cooking wines
50171900 Pickles and relish and olives
50171800 Sauces and spreads and condiments
50200000 Beverages
50202400 Fresh citrus juice or concentrate
50202600 Fresh pome fruit juice or concentrate
50202500 Fresh berry juice or concentrate
50201700 Coffee and tea
50320000 Dried fruit
50321600 Dried apricots
50325300 Dried peaches
50321500 Dried apples
50321700 Dried bananas
50300000 Fresh fruits
50301700 Bananas
50303300 Grapefruit
50305000 Oranges
50301500 Apples
50304100 Lemons
50460000 Canned or jarred vegetables
50463200 Canned or jarred corn
50461800 Canned or jarred beans
50465100 Canned or jarred okras
50462500 Canned or jarred carrots

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