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Central Purchasing Division
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Non-Mandatory Statewide

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Vehicle Daily Rental
Theresa Johnson

  Attachment Title Attachment Type File Type Comments
SW771- Contract Contract pdf Contract Documents.
Enterprise-National-Pricing-01-11 Price Adjustment xls Updated pricing effective 1/1/11.
Oklahoma_Locations Other doc Enterprise Locations listing for the State of Oklahoma.
OMES-FORM-CP-060E Other docx Vehicle Rental Account Form for Paying by Purchase Order.
OMES-FORM-CP-061E Other docx Vehicle Rental Account Form for Paying by P-Card.
DCS-FORM-RM-001 Other doc Standard Liability Incident Report Form.
DCS-FORM-RM-002 Other doc Scope of Employment Form.
DCS-FORM-RM-009 Other doc Accident Information Reporting Pamphlet.
Vehicle Rental PIM 11-10 Other pdf Vehicle Rental PIM
Enterprise Contact Information Other docx Contact Information for Enterprise.
SW771-Addendum-1 Addendum pdf Amending Contract Period to expiration date of October 18, 2012.
Enterprise-National-Pricing-05-12 Price Adjustment xls Price adjustments effective 5/1/12 due to WSCA Price Adjustments.
SW771-Addendum-2 Addendum pdf Renewal of Contract through 10/18/13.
SW771-Addendum-3 Addendum pdf Renewal of Contract for Period of 10/18/13 through 10/17/14.
SW771-Addendum-4 Addendum pdf New Contract ID# for Enterprise (0-3387).
Enterprise-National-Pricing-01-14 Price Adjustment xls Updated pricing to reflect WSCA approved changes effective 1/1/14.
SW771-Addendum-5 Addendum pdf Renewal of Contract for Contract Period of 10/18/14 through 10/17/15.
Enterprise Locations - May 2015 Other xls Updated Enterprise Location Listing - Effective 05/2015
SW771-Addendum-6 Addendum pdf Renewal for Contract Period of 10/19/15 through 10/18/16. 
ATTACHMENT A - USAGE REPORT - 2016 Addendum xlsx Usage Report Form
Copy of New State of OK Rates July 2016 Other xlsx Current Rates
1477512900_Enterprise_National Master Agreement_9950_Amd_15_pdf Amendment pdf NASPO Amendment
Addendum # 8 Addendum pdf FY18 Contract Renewal
Addendum # 9 Addendum pdf Addendum # 9 - Contract Renewal - Contract Period:  October 19, 2018 through October 18, 2019.
SW0771 - Addendum 10 Addendum pdf SW0771 - Addendum 10

DCS Trip Calculator - 30 Day or longer Rentals require a waiver from the DCS Fleet Manager. Any agency that has not previously registered with Enterprise, must do so 15 days in advance of their first rental. Enterprise is only closed on New Years Day, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and Sundays. The airports are always open on those days.

SW771, SW0771, 771, car rentals, passenger transport, road transportation, vehicle rental

78110000 Passenger transport
78111800 Passenger road transportation
78111808 Vehicle rental

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    July 1st, 2010, Central Purchasing will require suppliers to register with Central Purchasing prior to completion of award (read more). Failure to do so will delay contract award.
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