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Central Purchasing Division
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Mandatory Statewide

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Snow Removal Equipment - Supplemental Solicitation
Lisa Bradley
Closing Date:
Award Date:

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  Attachment Title Attachment Type File Type Comments
0900000562-SW0500-Bidder Instructions Solicitation pdf Bid Instructions
0900000562-SW0500-Solicitation-Contract Attachment A Solicitation pdf Solicitation Attachment A
0900000562-SW0500-State General Terms - Attachment B Solicitation pdf General Terms
0900000562-SW0500-Statewide Specific Terms - Attachment C Solicitation pdf Statewide Contract Terms
0900000562-SW0500-Specifications-Exhibit 1 Solicitation pdf Exhibit 1 Specifications
0900000562-Specifications New Items-Exhibit 2 Solicitation pdf Exhibit 2 - New Items
0900000562-FORM-CP-076 Solicitation pdf Responding Bidder Information
0900000562-FORM-CP-004 Solicitation pdf Non-Collusion
2022.09.08 - 0900000562-SW0500-Pricing Solicitation xlsx Pricing Submittal
0900000562_Amendment 1 Amendment pdf Q & A Amendment
SW0500 State Wide Summary Other pdf SW0500 State Wide Summary for Winter Equipment.
Fully Executed Contract SW0500 Winter - signed Contract pdf Fully ExecutedContract SW0500  signed for Winter Equipment.
SW0500 PS contract#0-6773 signed Contract pdf SW0500 PS contract#0-6773 signed for WINTER EQUIPMENT COMPANY INCORPORATED.
0900000562-SW0500-Pricing Completed Price Adjustment xlsx 0900000562-SW0500-Price sheet  for Winter Equipment Company INC.

Supplemental Solicitation - New Items Exhibit 2.  SW500, 500, Snow Removal, Snow, Equipment, If you are currently awarded this contract, you do not need to respond unless bidding on new items in Exhibit 2. Supplemental Solicitation - New Items Exhibit 2.  SW500, 500, Snow Removal, Snow, Equipment, Snow, Snow Removal Equipment, 0-6773, Winter, Winter Equipment, Winter Equipment Company Inc. RFP#0900000562, 090-562, Solicitation#0900000562, 72150000, 22100000,22101538, Plow Blade, Blade Saver, Blade Saver blade 7" high,Brand 3/4" x 7", SYS-RZXL10 10 ft Razor XL System,SYS-RZXL11 11 ft Razor XL System,SYS-RZXL112 12 ft Razor XL System,winterequipment, Winter snow removal. 

72150000 Specialized trade construction and maintenance services
72154500 Heavy equipment installation and maintenance services
72154501 Heavy equipment maintenance and repair service
22100000 Heavy construction machinery and equipment
22101700 Heavy equipment components
22101710 Snowplow attachments

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