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Central Purchasing Division
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Mandatory Statewide

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Slabjacking & SubSealing Services
Tina Naff
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  Attachment Title Attachment Type File Type Comments
0900000509 - Bidder instructions Solicitation pdf Bid Instructions
0900000509 - Responding Bidder Information Solicitation pdf Bidder Information
0900000509-CP004 Solicitation pdf Non Collusion - Competitive Certification
0900000509 - Attachment A Solicitation pdf Attachment A
0900000509 - Attachment B State General Terms Solicitation pdf State Terms
0900000509 - Attachment C Statewide Specific Terms Solicitation pdf Statewide Contract Terms
0900000509 - Exhibit 1 - Requirements Solicitation pdf Specifications
0900000509 - Exhibit 1 - Pricing Solicitation pdf Pricing
0900000509 - Value Added Options Solicitation pdf Value Added Options
OMES_FillableVendorPayeeForm Solicitation pdf Vendor Payee Form
SW0721_Contract Award Summary Contract pdf Award & Vendor Information
SW0721_Executable Contract _Nortex - signed Contract pdf Nortex Contract
NORTEX 0-6350 - signed Contract pdf Nortex PS Contract & Value Add Options
SW0721_Executable Contract _URETEK USA - signed Contract pdf URETEK USA Contract
URETEK 0-6339 - signed Contract pdf URETEK USA PS Contract & Value Add Options
SW0721 Addendum #1 Addendum pdf Renewal through 12-20-2023
SW0721 Addendum #2 Addendum pdf Renewal through 12/20/2024
Nortex PS 0-6340.PDF - signed Contract pdf Nortex PS 0-6340
Uretek PS 0-6339.PDF - signed Contract pdf Uretek PS 6339

Slabjacking, Concrete, Concrete Repair, Bridge, Bridge Repair, Sealant, Nortex, Uretek, SW721, 721, 0721, slab,SW0721, 0721 Buyer: Tina  Email: 

31200000 Adhesives and sealants
31201600 Other adhesives and sealants

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