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Central Purchasing Division
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State Use

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Office Supplies
Ryan Gold
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  Attachment Title Attachment Type File Type Comments
SW022 Addendum 2 SUVs Addendum pdf FY16 Renewal (list of State Use Vendors on
3204 SW022 PRINTER TONER, INK SUPPLYS Contract pdf Garvin CCLC (Valley Laser) - Toner, Ink, Etc.
3206 - People First of Bryan County - signed Contract pdf People First Bryan County-Pencils, Correction Fluid and tape.  Updated 5/8/2023
SW12022 State Use front page Contract pdf SW12022  front page
3202 - SW022 Pens, Markers Contract pdf Sunshine Ind. Pens and Markers
3203 - SW022 Discs and Cassettes Contract pdf Work Activity Center - Discs and Cassettes

In order to be added to the Staples Advantage portal please fill out the Portal Authorization Form above and email to       SW022, 022, 22, 0022, Blu-Ray discs, cassettes, CD, cleaning kits, correction fluid, correction pens, pen sets, digital video cassette, printer cartridges, ink, DVD, erasers, printer supplies, highlighters, ink cartridges, jewel cases, markers, pencils, toner, pens, Photographic, recording media, storage, video tapes, timepieces, wall clocks, correction film, tape, fluid, erasers, rollerball pens, markers, marker refills, mechanical pencils, highlighters, felt pen, binder pockets, folders, sheet lifters, grips, whiteboard eraser, blank tapes, DVDs, CDs, compact discs, fusers, compact disc duplication, facsimile toner, printer cleaning supplies, photocopier, ink cartridges, ink sticks, phasers, inkjet kits, drums, printer ribbon, kit, transfer rolls, print heads, ribbons, typewriter ribbon, toner collectors, trashbags, toilet paper, paper towels, plates, cups, hygiene ***Please contact Teresa Sherwood at for any questions, portal access, invoice issues, etc.***

43200000 Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications
43202000 Removable storage media
43202003 Digital versatile disks DVDs
43202001 Compact disks CDs
43202002 Blank tapes
43202100 Removable storage media accessories
43202101 Compact disk cases
44100000 Office machines and their supplies and accessories
44103200 Office time recording machines and accessories
44103203 Time card machine replacement ribbon
44103000 Fusers and accessories
44103004 Fusers
44102600 Typing machines and accessories
44102606 Typewriter ribbon
44103100 Printer and facsimile and photocopier supplies
44103107 Printer or facsimile or photocopier cleaning supplies
44103110 Print heads
44103112 Printer ribbon
44103113 Phasers or inkjet kits
44103117 Facsimile ribbons
44103120 Toner collectors
44103103 Printer or facsimile toner
44103105 Ink cartridges
44103109 Printer or facsimile or photocopier drums
44103106 Ink sticks
44103104 Transfer rolls
44103116 Kit for printer
73150000 Manufacturing support services
73151900 Industrial printing services
73151907 Compact disk CD duplication and printing services
56100000 Accommodation furniture
56101500 Furniture
56101504 Chairs
56101700 Office furniture
91110000 Domestic and personal assistance
44120000 Office supplies
44121800 Correction media
44121801 Correction film or tape
44121807 Eraser refills
44121802 Correction fluid
44121804 Erasers
44122000 Folders and binders and indexes
44122011 Folders
44122003 Binders
44122025 Binder pockets or accessories
44122014 Sheet lifters
44121700 Writing instruments
44121705 Mechanical pencils
44121707 Colored pencils
44121715 Combination pen or pencil
44121712 Marker refills
44121702 Pen or pencil sets
44121704 Ball point pens
44121708 Markers
44121716 Highlighters
44121711 Felt pen
44121714 Pencil or pen grips
44121701 Rollerball pens
44121706 Wooden pencils
44121718 Secured pen sets
44121900 Ink and lead refills
44121908 Ballpoint pen ink refill
44121904 Ink refills
44121902 Lead refills
54110000 Timepieces
54111600 Clocks
54111601 Wall clocks
44110000 Office and desk accessories
44111900 Boards
44111912 Whiteboard eraser
45130000 Photographic and recording media
45131600 Moving picture media
45131604 Blank video tapes
45131700 Media storage

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