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Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES)


Accounts Table
Category Unit Document Title Description
Forms Construction (CAP) M709 Project Requisition (OCIA Funding)
Forms Construction (CAP) M710 Project Requisition Checklist (Capital Improvements Funding)
Forms Construction (CAP) M800 Procedures & Forms for Bidding Projects Under the Statutory Limit
Forms Facilities (FS) 001 Capitol Park Use Permit Application
Forms Facilities (FS) 002 State Capitol or Plaza Reservation Application
Forms Facilities (FS) 008 Will Rogers Building Access Request
Forms Facilities (FS) 009 Capitol Access Authorization List
Forms Facilities (FS) 012 Concourse Theater Reservation Application
Forms Facilities (FS) 013 Capitol Conference Center Reservation Application
Forms Facilities (FS) 014 Evening and Weekend Private Events
Forms Fleet Management (FM) 015C Driver Responsibility Certification
Forms Fleet Management (FM) 015CO Driver Responsibility Certification (Owning Agency vehicles)
Forms Fleet Management (FM) 015D Request for Daily Rental (only if online system is down)
Forms Fleet Management (FM) 015M Request for Monthly Lease
Forms Fleet Management (FM) 016 Vehicle Acquisition Request
Forms Fleet Management (FM) 017 Fleet Inventory Data Sheet (Fleet Inventory Report)
Forms Fleet Management (FM) 019 Fleet Management Policies Survey
Forms Fleet Management (FM) 020 State of Oklahoma Vehicle Log
Forms Fleet Management (FM) 022 Agency Authorization for Commuting in State Vehicle
Forms Fleet Management (FM) 023 Vehicle/Truck Inspection Checklist and Diagram
Forms Inventory (Fin) 001A Agency Inventory Control
Forms Inventory (Fin) 003 Inventory Model
Forms Inventory (Fin) 004 Tangible Asset Reporting Threshold Evaluation
Forms Property Distribution (PD) 001 LESO 1033 Program - Oklahoma State Plan, Policies and Procedures
Forms Property Distribution (PD) 003 LESO 1033 Program - Law Enforcement Agency Certification Letter
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