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Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES)


Accounts Table
Category Unit Document Title Description
Forms Central Purchasing (CP) 100 State of Oklahoma Hosting Terms Additional contract terms relating to hosting services
Forms Central Purchasing (CP) 105 Agency Bid Evaluation Notice/Instrument Replacement for forms 105 and 106
Forms Central Purchasing (CP) 109 Mandatory Statewide Contract Exception Request Mandatory Statewide Contract Request for Exception
Forms Central Purchasing (CP) 110A & 110B Privatization Process Guidelines Privatization Process Guidelines/Checklist
Forms Central Purchasing (CP) 125 Early Pay Discount Addendum Early Pay Discount Addendum
Forms Central Purchasing (CP) 130 Procurement Master Agreement Procurement Master Agreement
Forms Central Purchasing (CP) OMES-CP-SOLICITATION-FULL Package for complex solicitations
Forms Central Purchasing (CP) OMES-CP-SOLICITATION-SECTIONS Solicitation package sections
Forms Central Purchasing (CP) OMES-SOLICITATION-SHORT Package for simple solicitations
Forms Central Purchasing (CP) Security Certification Security certification and accreditation assessment
Forms Construction (CAP) 010A CAP Change Order Request ??? Multiple-line/Multiple-distributions
Forms Construction (CAP) 010B CAP Change Order Request - Single-line/Multiple-distribution
Forms Construction (CAP) A312A Performance Bond
Forms Construction (CAP) A312B Payment Bond
Forms Construction (CAP) A312C Statutory Defect Bond
Forms Construction (CAP) A312D Statement of Exemption From The Worker's Compensation Act Affidavit
Forms Construction (CAP) B151AM Amendment to Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Consultant
Forms Construction (CAP) D305 Construction Manager and Design-Builder Registration
Forms Construction (CAP) D590 Vendor Evaluation and Instructions
Forms Construction (CAP) G001 CAP Project Cover Sheets
Forms Construction (CAP) G001/ODOT ODOT - CAP Project Cover Sheets
Forms Construction (CAP) G001/OMD OMD - CAP Project Cover Sheets
Forms Construction (CAP) G001/OTRD OTRD - CAP Project Cover Sheets
Forms Construction (CAP) G129 Owner's Representative (Consultant) Invoice
Forms Construction (CAP) G150 Off-site Stored Materials Statement
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