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2018 Community Themes and Strengths Assessment


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Please take a moment to complete the survey below.  It's purpose is to get your input about health topics in your community.  The Canadian County Coalition for Children and Families and other community partners will use the results of this survey and other information to identify the most pressing health issues which can be addressed through community action.  If you have previously completed this survey, please do not complete it again.  Your opinion is important!  If you have any questions, please contact us (see contact information at end of survey).  Thank you!

1.  How would you rate your community as a "Healthy Community?"


Please indicate your level of agreement with each of the following statements.

2.  I am satisfied with the quality of life in our community (considering my sense of safety and well-being).


    a.  The community has adequate health and wellness activities.


    b.  The community has adequate meeting spaces for groups, clubs, and large events.


    c.  I am satisfied with the number and type of cultural events in my community (music, plays, art shows, etc.).


3.  I am satisfied with the health care system in our community.


    a.  I have easy access to the medical specialists that I need.


    b.  I am very satisfied with the medical care I receive.


    c.  Sometimes it is a problem for me to cover my share of the cost for a medical care visit.


    d.  I am able to get medical care whenever I need it.


4.  This community is a good place to raise children.


    a.  I can find adequate information or assistance on how to parent.


    b.  I have access to safe and affordable day care (child care).


    c.  I have access to safe and affordable pre-schools.


    d.  I am satisfied with the school system in my community.


     e.  I am satisfied that my local school district is preparing students for tomorrow's job market.


    f.  I am satisfied that my local school district is teaching the basic academic subjects.


    g.  There are adequate after school programs for elementary age children to attend.


    h.  There are adequate after school opportunities for middle school and high school age students.


     i.  There are plenty of recreation opportunities for children in my community.


    j.  There are plenty of non sports-related activities for children in my communities.


5.  This community is a good place to grow old (considering elder-friendly housing, transportation to medical services, shopping, elder day care, social support for the elderly living alone, meals on wheels, etc.).


    a.  There are housing developments that are elder-friendly.


    b.  There is a transportation service that takes older adults to medical facilities or to shopping centers.


    c.  There are enough programs that provide meals for older adults in my community.


    d.  There are networks for support for the elderly living alone.


6.  There are jobs available in the community (considering locally owned and operated businesses, jobs with career growth, affordable housing, reasonable commute, etc.).


    a.  There are opportunities for advancement in the jobs that are available in the community (considering promotions, job training, and higher education opportunities).


7.  The community is a safe place to live (considering residents' perception of safety in the home, the workplace, schools, playgrounds, parks, shopping areas).  Neighbors know and trust one another and look out for one another.


8.  There are support networks for individuals and families (neighbors, support groups, faith community outreach, agencies, and organizations) during times of stress and need.


9.  All residents believe that they, individually and collectively, can make the community a better place to live.


The following information is voluntary.  It will be used for demographic purposes only.  Keep in mind that you WILL NOT and CANNOT be identified in any way with your answers. 

(no dashes e.g. 555554444)

15.  Your Gender:


16.  Your age:


17.  Marital status:


18.  Are you Hispanic or Latino?


20.  Household income:


21.  Your highest education level:


Thank you very much for your response!

If you have any questions or would like more information about this community project, please contact :

Mikeal Murray
Canadian County Health Department
100 S. Rock Island
El Reno, OK  73036

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