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Stan Florence

Jessica Brown
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03/10/14                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE           


Former OSBI Agent Charged with Crimes

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has requested the Oklahoma County District Attorney file felony and misdemeanor charges against a former agent. Today, those charges were filed in Oklahoma County District Court.

OSBI investigators learned of possible criminal activity involving Jerry Cusic in September 2013 after an Oklahoma City Police Department officer alerted OSBI to the possible crimes. Cusic was assigned to the OSBI Computer Crimes Unit housed at the University of Central Oklahoma Forensic Science Institute. There, he and other computer forensic investigators from local police departments and UCO investigated computer-related crimes. Cusic, an OCPD officer, and UCO forensic examiner were undergoing the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists computer forensic certification process. The OCPD officer and UCO examiner had just completed part of the testing via their computers. The testing deadline was August 31, 2013.

The OCPD officer arrived at his office August 31, 2013, and noticed someone using Cusic’s alarm entry code had entered the building that morning. The officer watched surveillance video and saw Cusic enter the building and walk to the OCPD officer’s computer and plug in a thumb drive. He then saw Cusic walk to the UCO examiner’s desk and appear to remove a hard drive from her computer.

An OSBI forensic computer agent’s examination of Cusic’s work computer revealed a memory device had been inserted into the OCPD officer’s computer. A file containing the OCPD officer’s answers to part of the certification test were on Cusic’s computer. An examination of the UCO examiner’s computer indicated answers were copied from her computer hard drive. That file was found on Cusic’s computer.

Further investigation into this case revealed Cusic purchased, via the Internet, programs and software to erase files and hard drives. Those purchases were made after he discovered OSBI was investigating him. The examination also revealed Cusic deleted and attempted to remove those copied files from his computer.

“Integrity is one of the core values embraced by the OSBI, so we were extremely disappointed when it was discovered one of our investigators had violated the law. At the end of our investigation, it was clear this case should be forwarded to the district attorney for prosecutorial purposes,” Stan Florence, OSBI Director, says.

In a probable cause affidavit, OSBI requested two felony counts of violation of the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act and two misdemeanor counts of destroying evidence be filed.

Cusic began his employment at the Bureau as a data processing branch manager November 2, 1998. He became an agent August 1, 2002. He tendered his resignation November 5, 2013.