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11/18/13                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE           


Human Remains Located in Latimer County

In October 2009, Bobby Jamison, Sherilyn Jamison, and Madyson Jamison disappeared. A search for the Jamison family soon resulted in their pickup being located near the Sans Bois Mountains in Latimer County. An exhaustive search was conducted, but the Jamison family was never found.
On November 16, 2013, at approximately 5:00 p.m., deer hunters in Northern Latimer County came across human skeletal remains. Law enforcement authorities responded to the area where the remains were located. Upon closer examination of the scene, skeletal remains of two adults and one child were located in this area, which is in northern Latimer County, south of Kinta, Oklahoma.
The Latimer County Sheriff’s Office, Haskell County Sheriff’s Office, OSBI, FBI, and State Medical Examiner’s Office offered resources at the scene and conducted an intensive search of the area.
The area where the human remains were found is a very rugged, mountainous region, making search efforts more difficult. No evidence at the scene aided in the identification of the remains, which were turned over to the State Medical Examiner’s Office.
Law enforcement authorities do not have any information to indicate these human remains are that of the Jamison family; however, since the remains were found approximately 2.7 aerial miles northwest of where Bobby Jamison’s pickup was found in 2009, authorities are looking into the possibility of the remains belonging to the Jamison family.