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07/30/13                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE           


OSBI Preliminary Report on 2012 Index Crime Trends

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has completed a preliminary report on the 2012 Index Crime Trends.  This report looks at seven crimes the FBI considers serious.  The FBI defines “serious” as ones that would occur regardless of geographical location, likely reported to law enforcement, would affront the moral sensitivities of our society’s rational being, and would occur with sufficient frequency so that counting it would be worthwhile statistically.

The preliminary report tracks murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault as violent crimes.  It also studies burglary, larceny, and auto theft as non-violent crimes.  In 2012, as compared to statistics from the previous year, reported rapes have shown a significant increase.  Reported rapes increased nearly 15% from 2011.   Aggravated assault increased by nearly 4%, whereas the number of murders remained steady at 219, and robberies decreased.  In the non-violent crime category, auto theft increased by 4.8%, larceny increased by 2.9%, and the number of burglaries in the state decreased by more than 2%.  

More than 300 sheriff’s offices and police departments across the state participated in this state-mandated program.  This crime report is helpful to law enforcement to track trends and, therefore, assign more manpower to areas showing increases.  It also aids departments applying for grants and other funding sources to combat increases in specific areas of crime.

The full 2012 Oklahoma Uniform Crime Report is not complete.  It should be ready for publication in the next few months.  OSBI UCR Unit employees are busy verifying information before publication.  Previous years’ reports can be found on the OSBI website at www.ok.gov/osbi under publications.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation assumed the statewide administration of the UCR Program in 1973.

Preliminary Report