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12/06/12                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE           


OSBI Awards Good Work of Employees

December 4th the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation recognized many employees for their service during the annual OSBI Awards Banquet at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. Awards ranged from employee commendations and team awards to medals of service and employee of the year. The employee of the year category, the highest honor, is split into three categories: Criminalist, Agent, and Non-Commissioned.

Janice Joslin, who has been employed with OSBI for eight years, was honored with the 2012 Criminalist of the Year award. Janice is the Forensic Biology Technical Manager; as such, she ensures all biology and CODIS operations comply with numerous standards. This McAlester native drafts, reviews, and revises biology discipline policies and training manuals, and ensures the guidance provided analysts meets the hundreds of standards by which the OSBI is bound. Despite the numerous internal demands, Janice avails herself to other agencies submitting evidence. She provides training to numerous investigative and prosecuting agencies to ensure OSBI customers know how best to utilize forensic biology and CODIS services. Her collaboration with other agencies has helped develop new and better methods for evidence collection such as her work to create a single rape kit for the state. The Bureau is proud of her overall exemplary performance.

The 2012 Non-Commissioned Employee of the Year was awarded to Mary Reznicek for the significant impacts she made on the OSBI and the state during the year. Reznicek has worked in state procurement for more than three decades. She knew the state could save many thousands of dollars with fair market purchasing. However, for years the state mandated purchases with state-use vendors regardless of expense. Reznicek convinced the OSBI Director a change in law was necessary. She got the attention of legislators who requested an interim study of the issue. Reznicek presented pages of items the OSBI was forced to purchase at a higher price than fair market value. Last legislative session a bill was introduced to make the changes, allowing price to be an exception to using state-use vendors. The bill passed and became law in August. Reznicek also spearheaded Oklahoma’s first Reverse Vendor Trade Show, allowing vendors to have the undivided attention of city, county, state, and university procurement officers to discuss products and services they purchase. The OSBI is proud of her commitment to the state of Oklahoma. Reznicek grew up in Oklahoma City.

Marvin Akers is the 2012 Agent of the Year. In the past year, Akers cleared several violent crime investigations including the bizarre shooting death of a Lexington man. Little evidence was available at the crime scene, so Akers recruited confidential informants. Akers’ diligence led to two arrests and confessions. Akers also foiled a murder-for-hire plot in McClain County. When Akers learned of the plot, he recruited a jail inmate and went undercover. The suspect eventually offered Akers money and a gun to kill two people. The next day, when the murders were to happen, Akers arrested the suspect. Later in the year, Akers’ interview of an informant on a possible murder in Cleveland County produced enough information for a search warrant. Items collected from that warrant ultimately led the suspect to confess to murder and dismemberment of the victim. These are a mere sampling of Akers’ work during the year. His dedication to the citizens of Oklahoma is honored with this award. Akers, from California, has been an agent for four years.

A picture of Agent Marvin Akers will not be released due to his occasional undercover work.

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