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08/09/12                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE           


OSBI Agents Arrest Elmore City Man for Murder

Overnight, OSBI agents arrested an Elmore City man for murdering his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend and then disposing of his body by dismembering it and discarding the pieces into a pond.

Agents were alerted to the murder Wednesday night (8/8/2012) after a witness told authorities Justin Hammer admitted to shooting a man the night before, cutting the body into pieces with a saw, and placing the body parts, cement, and water into numerous five gallon buckets. The witness saw the buckets, smears of blood, and other items used in the murder at Hammer’s home at 22792 N. County Road 3170 in Elmore City. The witness also told agents how Hammer gathered several items used to clean the blood inside the house and took those items to a burn barrel on his property where he burned them. Those items included a mop, clothing, and towels.

With this information, agents arrested Hammer after a traffic stop near his home at approximately 1:30 this morning.

Agents have served a search warrant on his home and collected several items possibly used in the homicide and dismemberment of the body. Investigators are also draining a pond on the suspect’s property searching for the victim’s remains. Once the remains are found, the medical examiner’s office will take them to their office and collect DNA for a positive identification.

Hammer (d.o.b. 1-8-1982) was booked into the Garvin County Jail on one count of first degree murder.

Justin Hammer Photo