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07/27/12                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE           


OSBI Works to Try to Keep Pace with Drastic Rise in Gun License Applications


The OSBI has fielded many inquiries about why gun licensing is taking longer than usual. In April 2012, when OSBI reported FY 2012 3rd Quarter numbers, the bureau’s Self Defense Act (SDA) unit was processing applications without exceptions (no problems with fingerprints, arrest records, etc.) within 52 days of receipt. In the month of May, processing time increased to 60 days, in early June it surpassed 60 days, and in late June to over 90. OSBI is holding steady at a processing time of approximately 97 days and is diligently working to bring down that number.

2011 2012 2011 2012

January 1515 1861 389 1151
February 1256 2199 282 1138
March 2672 3390 551 1387
April 1892 2751 681 1001
May 1549 2573 635 1194
June 1473 2577 906 963

10357 15351 3444 6834

To process the onslaught of applications more quickly, OSBI has hired three new employees, established a temporary night shift effective August 1, 2012, and added two additional temporary employees. The bureau is utilizing every available employee in every division to assist SDA with the volume of applications received.

SB 1733, which makes it legal for SDA license holders to openly carry handguns starting November 1, 2012, was signed by Governor Fallin on May 15, 2012. Increases in applications preceded the signing of the law, but information regarding the proposed legislation was prominent in the news before the bill's passage and may have impacted the interest of potential SDA applicants. OSBI expects applications to rise even more due to the recent shooting massacre in Colorado.

The state currently has 127,445 active approved license holders. The attached graph shows the numbers of initial applications and renewals since the SDA became law in 1996.

OSBI regrets any inconvenience this unprecedented backlog may have caused gun license applicants and those renewing their license. As stated above, the bureau is utilizing as many resources as possible to resolve the problem.

SDA Graph 1SDA Graph 2