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Jessica Brown
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02/27/12                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE           


Bill on Statewide Jurisdiction for Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Members to be Heard in Senate Today

State Senators are expected to vote on a bill this afternoon that could tremendously help law enforcement with the fight against Internet crimes against children. Senate bill 1016 would allow the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation to selectively provide state commissions to local law enforcement that are members of the Internet Crimes Against Chidren Task Force. More than 60 police departments, sheriff's offices, and district attorney's offices are members with specialized training for such investigations. This statewide jurisdiction is vital since most investigations of cybertips go beyond local jurisdictions. The OSBI requested Senator Patrick Anderson (Enid-R) and Representative Jason Nelson (OKC–R) to run the legislation. They took on the cause with great enthusiasm.

If the Senate passes the bill, it then heads across the rotunda to the House of Representatives. Timing of this bill is crucial since federal funding for three of five OSBI Internet Crimes Against Children Agents and one Analyst could end in November.

The Senate goes into session at 1:30 this afternoon.