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09/30/11                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE           


OSBI Investigation Leads to Indictments

A lengthy OSBI investigation into embezzlement inside the Pittsburg County Drug Court Program has now netted indictments of three people for Conspiracy Against the State. The sealed indicted handed down by the multi-county grand jury last week was opened today and reveals indictments of a local special judge, former assistant district attorney, and the drug court coordinator.

The grand jury handed down the true bills for William Harbert Layden, Jr., James Michael Miller, and Angela Marie Marcum. Layden was a Special District Judge who presided over the District 18 Drug Court proceedings in Pittsburg County and McIntosh Counties. His duties included the reporting of violators of the District 18 Drug Court Program to the District Attorney for filing of Applications to Revoke Probation in the District Court. His duties also included supervision of the operations of the District 18 Drug Court Program.

James Michael Miller was an Assistant District Attorney for District 18 whose responsibilities included representing the D.A.’s office in drug court proceedings by filing and prosecuting probation violators on Applications to Revoke Probation filed in the court.

Angela Marie Marcum was the appointed Drug Court Coordinator for the District 18 Drug Court program. She was entrusted with the collection of money paid by participants of the program and with the depositing of that money to the County Treasurer for Pittsburg County.

The conspiracy indictment against the three stems from the trio trying to impede the OSBI investigation into the original embezzlement allegation.

Several months ago, the same multi-county grand jury handed down an indictment for embezzlement against Angela Marcum for taking thousands of dollars from the drug court program.