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Jessica Brown
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06/23/11                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE           


OSBI Hosts Media Academy on DNA and Latent Prints

The OSBI hosted another in a series of classes for media to help them better understand the reality behind solving crimes. Wednesday evening, about 20 press people learned about the collection, testing, and matching of evidence from a crime scene to the perpetrator of a crime. They were first taken to the vehicle bay at the OSBI Forensic Science Center in Edmond where criminalists would search a vehicle involved in a crime. DNA analysts and Latent Print Analysts then described what they would look for in such a vehicle, what they would want to test for evidence, and how they would test it. The participants in last night's class then went to the laboratory where the actual testing takes place.

OSBI is grateful to those media who took part in this training. We hope these classes will help the media explain to the public in better detail how crimes are worked and solved.

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