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06/15/11                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE           


Investigators Need Help on Crescent Death Investigation

Monday, the body of Kimberly Harlow of Oklahoma City was identified after her neighbor recognized a sketch drawn by OSBI Forensic Artist Harvey Pratt. Fingerprints proved the body was of the 48-year-old woman.

Since then, agents and Logan County Sheriff’s deputies have tried to determine how Harlow got to Crescent. Her body was found in the Cimarron River May 28th. Agents believe she possibly hitchhiked to the area. Investigators would like to speak with anyone who gave her a ride between the afternoon of May 23rd up to possibly Wednesday, May 25th.

Harlow was found wearing a red, long sleeve sweatshirt with “Oklahoma” written across. She was also wearing a short sleeve shirt, unknown color, underneath the sweatshirt. Investigators believe she may have been carrying the sweatshirt at the time she was given a ride. She was wearing blue jeans and had her blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. Harlow stood 5’7” and weighed 130 pounds.

Harlow’s cause of death remains undetermined.

If anyone has any information about Harlow, please contact the OSBI at 1-800-522-8017.

Kimberly Harlow