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Stan Florence

Jessica Brown
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12/22/10                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE           


OSBI Announces Inception of Hall of Fame

During the recent OSBI Awards Banquet, newly appointed Director Stan Florence announced a new award – the OSBI Hall of Fame.   Florence inducted two people who have had a unique and significant impact on the bureau.  

The bureau’s first Director, called a Superintendent at the time, Dr. J.G. Duncan was inducted for his vision of how the bureau should serve the state.  Dr. Duncan communicated the mission of the bureau in a speech at the annual meeting of the Oklahoma Sheriff and Peace Officers’ Association in the mid 1920s.  “The object of this Bureau is to co-operate with and assist the various peace officers of the state in the suppression of crime and the detection of criminals and it is only through this co-operation that the best results can be obtained.  The members of this Bureau want the officers of the State to realize that this is their Bureau and that we are at all times willing to lend them any assistance within our power…for the sole purpose of this Bureau is to reduce crime to a minimum within the borders of Oklahoma.”

Eighty-five years later, this mission remains the calling for all bureau employees.  Dr. Duncan’s grandson, Paul Duncan of Oklahoma City and his family accepted the award.

A current OSBI employee was also singled out for his indelible role in the shaping of the bureau.  OSBI Forensic Artist Harvey Pratt was presented the Hall of Fame award for his long and distinguished career aiding law enforcement across Oklahoma and the United States sketching witness descriptions of violent suspects and skull reconstructions of unidentified victims.  Pratt began his law enforcement career in Midwest City and drew his first witness description in 1965.  He became an OSBI agent in 1972. Over the years, he has played a part in the arrest of thousands of criminals.