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A. DeWade Langley 

Jessica Brown
Public Information Director


 02/25/10                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE           


Search for Aja Continues

Thirty-three days ago seven-year-old Aja Johnson likely witnessed her mother brutally and savagely beaten to death within the very small living area of a motor home.  Thirty-three days ago Lester Hobbs kidnapped that terrified little girl.

With more than one million law enforcement officers and literally millions of citizens on the lookout across the country, no one has reportedly seen the car, Hobbs, or Aja.  The right phone call could be worth up to $20,000.

From the hundreds of interviews we have conducted so far, a very clear picture of Lester Hobbs is unfolding.

Hobbs can survive on very little money.  In fact, his needs seem to be met with only cigarettes, liquor, and very little food.  He is a self-taught automobile mechanic and will offer to do minor car repairs for little money.  He has worked in the past in small automotive garages and as a mechanic in service stations.

He also likes to frequent bars and will hustle a game of pool for money.  He likes to cruise the Internet searching for lonely women.  If Hobbs no longer has a vehicle, he will travel across the country by bus, or he will hitchhike.

Hobbs’ own family members say he always considers himself the victim and never takes responsibility for any of his actions.  They describe him as a cowering abuser who preys on women and children. His criminal record supports to this.

As to Aja’s kidnapping, this is in no way a custodial kidnapping where a non-custodial parent runs away with their own child.   

As you see in photographs, Hobbs likes to change his appearance, ever so slightly, with hair color and with the way he grows facial hair.  There are two physical characteristics, though, that will not be easy to hide: tattoos and a broken nose. He has the word “ROSE” tattooed across the top of the fingers of his right hand and “LOVE” tattooed across the top of the fingers of his left hand.  His nose is visibly crooked from being broken sometime in the past.  This is clearly shown in the photograph of him lying on the bed.

Another photograph shows Hobbs sitting behind Aja on a four-wheeler.  This photograph was taken just moments before they drove to the Wal-Mart in Lawton where the photograph of the car was obtained.  

Tonya Hobbs filed a protective order just months before she was murdered.  That protective order documents that Lester Hobbs threatened to kill her children with a hammer.  It now appears that Lester Hobbs carried out that threat and actually used a hammer to kill his own wife.  

I have a message directly for Lester Hobbs.  The intensity of this manhunt, our search for you, will not lessen, will not end, until Aja is returned. Release Aja now!  Drop her off at a busy store where she will be safe.  Attach a note to her clothing simply stating: “Call Police –Amber Alert - Aja Johnson.”

A very strong and real possibility exists that someone is helping Hobbs evade law enforcement.   To that person or persons, I implore you to do what is right and do it now before it’s too late.  Hobbs is only using you.  Call your nearest law enforcement agency immediately.  If you do not, the consequences could be severe.

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