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10/27/08                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE           


Body of Missing Yukon Man Found

Billy Wallace’s family reported him missing when he did not return from a business trip September 18th.  The 65-year-old was visiting the home of a client near Indianola.  Wallace called that evening to say he would be home to Yukon in a few hours.  He never arrived.

That weekend, the Pittsburg County Sheriff’s Office and Oklahoma Highway Patrol conducted several ground and air searches of the area. A few days later, the sheriff called in OSBI for help in the search.  Since Wallace’s cell phone, pike pass and credit cards were never used, investigators surmised Wallace had likely driven into an area where he was unable to be seen.

Sunday evening, the client whom Wallace had been visiting September 18th called authorities to say he saw what appeared to be a car antenna in one of his ponds.  The homeowner had recently dug a trench from the pond to allow water to drain because the pond often floods.

Wallace’s car was pulled from the pond Sunday evening with Wallace’s body still inside the driver’s seat.  It appears Wallace mistakenly took a path into a pasture instead of the road that leads away from the property.   It appears the cloak of darkness masked Wallace’s ability to accurately navigate the area.

The medical examiner will perform an autopsy and determine the exact cause and manner of death.  OSBI will keep open the investigation at least until that report is finalized.