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A. DeWade Langley 

Jessica Brown
Public Information Director


9/20/06                FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE           


Footwear Impressions Specialist Teaches at OSBI

During the week, world-renowned forensic examiner William Bodziak is teaching OSBI latent print personnel the art and science of footwear impressions.  Bodziak will spend up to 40 hours on footwear evidence collection from crime scenes and comparison of impressions of known and unknown samples.

More than a dozens criminalists from the bureau, Broken Arrow Police Department and out of state law enforcement are learning from this former FBI expert who helped in many high profile cases including the O.J. Simpson case by comparing a bloody shoe print to a shoe worn by Simpson.

Federal grant money is paying for this extensive training.  This session is one of many OSBI sponsors to further educate bureau employees and other law enforcement on techniques in crime fighting.

Photographs on this class can be found on the OSBI website at www.osbi.ok.gov.  Feel free to use them in a publication.