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 8/7/06                FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE           


OSBI Forensic Artist Puts Face to Skull

Nationally renowned forensic artist Harvey Pratt has applied new techniques to a skull reconstruction.  The skull is that of any unidentified victim found in Kiowa County in July 2005.  A farmer discovered the skull nearly a quarter mile from where a prostitute’s body had been dumped two years earlier. That unsolved homicide is not linked to the truck stop prostitute cases.

Dr. Clyde Snow with the state medical examiner’s office has determined the victim to be a young Caucasian woman in her late teens to late 20s.  He believes the victim has been dead for 3-to-20 years.   An El Reno dentist has examined the dental remains and has help Pratt measure the lower jaw bone to give a more exact reconstruction of the skull.  This is a new practice.

Pratt has reconstructed the skull showing the victim’s unusual teeth and in several stages of weight – small, medium and large. This weight range is also a new method for skull reconstrutions.

If anyone recognizes this woman, please call the OSBI hotline at 1-800-522-8017.