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Jessica Brown
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 7/17/06                FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE           


OSBI Investigates Guymon Bar Homicide

Saturday, July 15th, at approximately 2 a.m., the co-owner of the Spa Club in Guymon was shot and killed by a patron of that bar. Guymon Police called OSBI to help investigate.

Just before the bar closed, a patron inside the club and Steve Dodgion, the bar’s co-owner, were involved in a verbal altercation.  Dodgion asked the patron to leave the bar.  He refused. Dodgion and several others physically escorted the patron outside the bar where a physical altercation reportedly ensued.   The bar patron left in his vehicle.

Moments later that patron returned to the bar with a shotgun.  He fired inside the bar killing Dodgion.  Police quickly arrived on the scene.  The bar patron was taken to a Guymon hospital where he underwent surgery for deep lacerations to his head and an arm.  This person of interest was released from the hospital Monday morning and escorted by Guymon Police to the local police department for an interview.

Authorities have made no arrests at this time.