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OKLeX—Phase 2 is Near Completion!

Phase 2 of OKLeX is the building of the OKLeX Internet Portal.  This portal will permit certified users of the system to run queries for persons, vehicles or places of interest much like you would run a search on the Internet.  Currently there are 4 agencies providing date from multiple sources for this information.  There may be more agencies  to participate in the future.


How Do I Get Certified for OKLeX?

Training STEP 1 You or your staff can attend 4 hours of CLEET certified training for the use of OKLeX at various training locations across Oklahoma to access OKLeX.  These training sessions will instruct you how to begin your certification process.  There are no additional live training sessions planned at this time. 

OKLeX Security Clearance Request


All Users of OKLeX must be a CLEET certified law enforcement officer or Fingerprint background check performed and be sponsored by their agency head, Sheriff or Chief before full access is granted.  All Law Enforcement Officers and Dispatchers are encouraged to attend training.

Training Step2 OKLeX will provide an online training component.  Once you have completed your online training and passed the test (65% or greater) you will be issued 4 additional hours of CLEET certified training.


What are the Sources of Information for OKLeX?

The Agencies Who Committed to Provide Data to OKLeX are:

Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Law Enforcement Commission (ABLE)

Oklahoma Department of Corrections (DOC)

Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS)

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI)

There are 8 data sources being provided in OKLeX.  Each of these will be discussed during the training.  Other topics include:

What is required to certify for OKLeX?

Is an individual or agency certified?

What data is available and what can an officer do with it?

Are there limitations on the data being provided?

Will Federal Agencies contribute data?

How often can I test for OKLeX Certification?

Can Dispatchers Train on OKLeX?

Is OASIS a contributor of data?




A newsletter service provided by Information Technology at OSBI


Three main groups were created to help identify and resolve issues with OKLeX.

OKLeX Logo


1.  OKLeX Governing Board--oversees direction and decisions for OKLeX.

 Chief Dan Yancey – Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police

 Justin Jones – Director, Department of Corrections

 DeWade Langley – Director, OSBI

 Ken McNair – Director, Oklahoma Sheriffs Association

 Kevin Ward – Commissioner, Department of Public Safety




2.  OKLeX Users Group--helped develop the users’ agreement and establish the needs for law enforcement in information sharing.

 Sheriff Harvey Burkhart – Carter County Sheriffs Office

 Officer Tim Farlow – Broken Arrow Police Department

 Lela Fox – Broken Arrow Police Department

 Sheriff Kiernan McMullen – Grady County Sheriffs Office

 Sheriff Tom Shafer – Major County Sheriffs Office

 Chief Mike Thomas – Perry Police Department



3.  OKLeX State Law Enforcement Agencies--agencies targeted for providing information.  OKLeX providers may be added or dropped based upon signing agreements, and project completion dates for individual agencies.  Multiple contacts are being used as resources at each state agency provider.

 Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Law Enforcement Commission (ABLE Commission)

 Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (OBN)

 Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET)

 Oklahoma Department of Corrections (DOC)

 Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS)

 Oklahoma District Attorneys Council (DAC)

 Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security (OHS)

 Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board (PPB)

 Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI)

 Oklahoma State Fire Marshall


* Agencies in bold are current contributors to OKLeX with Data, Data Hyperlinks or Funding