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Update Notice
Classes were held at the beginning of the year and continued through the end of March. Law Enforcement was told they would receive an email with their training and test ID. This process has not yet started. We anticipate this will begin approximately June 1, 2008. We will notify users once those IDs begin distributing via this web page. The delay in generating those IDs is a result of recent changes made by the vendor and efforts to ensure proper operation of the web site. Thank you for your attention.

What is It?

The OKLeX Program is an information sharing program designed to help law enforcement officials do their job.  This program was funded by Homeland Security.  We are completing Phase 2 of the project. 

Phase 1


Phase 1 of OKLeX was the distribution of 240 PCs for Law Enforcement Offices across the state.  This grant was funded based upon information collected in a survey.  This survey showed the need of an updated PC platform for all Sheriffs Offices and Police Departments that answered the survey.  A few offices did not need the PC and donated theirs back to be deployed. 


Phase 1 is complete and no more equipment will be distributed.


Phase 2
Phase 2 of OKLeX is the sharing of data information from several state law enforcement agencies.  This data is being shared to permit local law enforcement to run searches on people, vehicles and places.  Only Law Enforcement will have the ability to use this information based upon a certification process.  Please see the latest bulletin to understand the training component for Phase 2.



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