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* * * *    INVESTIGATIVE DIVISION    * * * *


     The OSBI Investigative Services Division primarily exists to serve local law enforcement by providing exceptional investigative services.  OSBI agents offer a number of services including collecting and preserving evidence at crime scenes, participating in undercover investigations to obtain information and evidence, interviewing witnesses and apprehending criminals.

    The Bureau's geographical regions make up nine logistical areas throughout the state, with regional offices in Woodward, Stillwater, Tulsa, Tahlequah, Weatherford, McAlester, Lawton, Purcell and Antlers.  These regional offices allow for a faster response time and regional centralization of investigative resources throughout the state.  In addition to these regions, four specialized investigative units operate out of the OSBI Headquarters in Oklahoma City.

    Agents investigate various types of crimes such as oil field theft, auto theft, homicide, rape, insurance fraud, political corruption, official misconduct and other white collar crimes.

    The Bureau has agents who are pilots, polygraph experts, forensic computer experts, and experts in crime scene investigations, certified public accountants, forensic child interviewers, forensic video analysts, forensic artist and others with special skills which provide many avenues to solve and prevent crime.

    Resident Special Agents are strategically placed in locations throughout the state of Oklahoma to better serve local agencies in criminal investigations.  Specially trained Crime Scene Agents are also located statewide, ready at all times to respond twenty four hours a day to process all types of scenes, no matter what level of complexity may exist.

    The OSBI operates a Criminal Intelligence Unit, in which the Oklahoma State Fusion Center is currently being developed.  This unit will house criminal analysts whose primary function will be to process criminal and other intelligence with the mission of providing assistance in investigations and information in the prevention of criminal acts.  An intricate portion of the Fusion Center is the Crime Analysts Unit which contains the Oklahoma State Clearinghouse for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

    Agents also make up the Internet Crimes Against Children Unit, that focuses on criminal acts upon children through the internet and other venues.  This unit provides for specially trained agents whose goal is to protect innocent children from predators, who operate primarily through the internet.  Other specially trained agents work to investigate child abuse cases and make up the OSBI Child Abuse Response Team.  These agents who work in this area specialize in various aspects of child abuse investigations, which includes the unique ability to conduct thorough interviews of children.