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Your Kids Can Fill in the Blanks. Can You?      


121: one to one 

143: I love you 

747: let’s fly 

ADN: any day now 

AFAIK: as far as I know 

AFK: away from keyboard 

A/S/L: age, sex, location 

ASLMH: age, sex, location, music, hobbies

 B4: before 

B4N: bye for now 

BAK: back at the keyboard 

BBIAB: be back in a bit 

BBL: be back later BBN: bye bye now 

BBS: be back soon 

BEG: big evil grin 

BF: boyfriend 

BFN: bye for now 

BG: big grin 

BMTIPG: brilliant minds think in parallel gutters 

BRB: be right back 

BTA: but then again 

BTW: by the way 

BWL: bursting with laughter 

BWTHDIK: but what the heck do I know 

C&G: chuckle and grin 

CNP: continued (in my) next post 

CP: chat post 

CRBT: crying real big tears 

CSG: chuckle, snicker, grin 

CU: see you 

CUL: see you later 

CYO: see you online 

DBAU: doing business as usual 

DIKU: do I know you? 

DL: dead link 

DQMOT: don’t quote me on this 

EG: evil grin 

EMA: what is your e-mail address? 

EMFBI: excuse me for butting in 

EMSG: e-mail message 

EOT: end of thread 

F2F: face to face 

FC: fingers crossed 

FISH: first in, still here 

FMTYEWTK: far more than you ever wanted to know 

FOMCL: falling off my chair laughing 

FTBOMH: from the bottom of my heart 

FUD: fear, uncertainty, and doubt 

FWIW: for what it’s worth 

G2G: got to go 

G: grin 

GA: go ahead 

GAL: get a life 

GD&R: grinning, ducking, and running 

GF: girlfriend 

GFN: gone for now 

GIWIST: gee, I wish I’d said that 

GMBO: giggling my butt off 

GMTA: great minds think alike 

GOL: giggling out loud 

GTR: got to run 

GTRM: going to read mail 

GTSY: glad to see you 

H&K: hug and kiss 

HAGN: have a good night 

HDOP: help delete online predators 

HHIS: hanging head in shame 

HTH: hope this helps 

HUB: head up butt 

IAC: in any case 

IANAL: I am not a lawyer (but) 

IC: I see 

IDK: I don’t know 

IHA: I hate acronyms 

IIRC: if I remember correctly 

ILU: I love you 

IM: instant message 

IMHO: in my humble opinion 

IMNSHO: in my not so humble opinion 

IMO: in my opinion 

IOW: in other words 

IPN: I’m posting naked 

IRL: in real life 

IWALU: I will always love you 

JIC: just in case 

JK: just kidding 

JMO: just my opinion 

JTLYK: just to let you know

K: okay 

KIT: keep in touch 

KOC: kiss on cheek 

KOL: kiss on lips 

KOTC: kiss on the cheek 

KWIM: know what I mean? 

L8R: later 

LD: later, dude 

LDR: long distance relationship 

LMIRL: let’s meet in real life 

LMSO: laughing my socks off 

LOL: laughing out loud

LSHMBB: laughing so hard my belly is bouncing 

LTM: laugh to myself 

LTNS: long time, no see 

LTR: long-term relationship 

LULAB: love you like a brother 

LULAS: love you like a sister 

LUWAMH: love you with all my heart 

LY: love you M/F: male or female 

MOSS: member of same sex 

MOTOS: member of the opposite sex 

MSG: message 

MTF: more to follow 

MUSM: miss you so much 

NADT: not a darn thing 

NAZ: name, address, zip code 

NIFOC: naked in front of computer 

NP: no problem 

NRN: no reply necessary 

OIC: oh I see 

OLL: online love 

OM: old man 

OTOH: on the other hand

P2P: peer to peer 

P911: my parents are coming! 

PAW: parents are watching 

PDA: public display of affection 

PIR: parent in room 

PLZ: please 

PM: private message 

PMFJIB: pardon me for jumping in but 

POAHF: put on a happy face 

POS: parent over shoulder

PU: that stinks 

QT: cutie 

RL: real life 

ROTFL: rolling on the floor laughing 

RPG: role playing games 

RSN: real soon now 

S4L: spam for life 

SAW: siblings are watching 

SETE: smiling ear to ear 

SF: surfer friendly 

SHCOON: shoot hot coffee out of nose 

SHID: slaps head in disgust 

SN: screenname? 

SNERT: snot nosed egotistical rude teenager 

SO: significant other 

SOMY: sick of me yet? 

SOT: short of time 

STW: search the web S

WAK: sealed with a kiss 

SWL: screaming with laughter 

SYS: see you soon 

TA: thanks again 

TAW: teachers are watching 

TCOB: taking care of business 

TCOY: take care of yourself 

TIA: thanks in advance 

TMI: too much information 

TOS: teacher over shoulder 

TOY: thinking of you 

TTYL: talk to you later 

UW: you’re welcome 

WB: welcome back 

WFM: works for me 

WIBNI: wouldn’t it be nice if 

WTG: way to go 

WTGP: want to go private? 

WU: what’s up 

WUF: where are you from? 

YBS: you’ll be sorry 

YL: young lady 

YM: young man