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OSBI 1930 Timeline   
Members of Texas Cattle Raisers Association and Ok       

Members of the Texas Cattle Raisers and Oklahoma Officers


1931 - Senate Bill 259 appropriates $2,200 to the Bureau for "evidence gathering".


1932 - Ballistics expert, C.M. Reber positively identifies bullets from a murdered service station owner as being fired from the gun of whiskey runner Arthur Haggard.  While testifying at Haggard's trial, Reber's expertise and the science of ballistics itself are attacked by defense counsel.  Reber brings his microscope to court so that all parties involved in the case, including the jurors, can examine the "tiny lead pellets so vital to the case."  After examining the evidence, the jury convicts Haggard of the crime and sentences him to life in prison.   


1932 - Director O.P. Ray and agents Crockett Long and C.M. Reber are involved in a gunfight with Pretty Boy Floyd near Earlsboro. 



Crockett LongCrockett Long 

1932 - Long, while in a Madill drug store, is confronted by an armed Wiley Lynn.  Lynn, with his pistol already pointed at Long, challenges the lawman to a draw.  Long draws his .44 caliber six-shot revolver with lightning speed, and both men begin shooting.  Lynn's first shot broke one of Long's legs, but Long continued to fire even as he hit the ground.  When the gunfight is over, neither man is standing.   Each one was shot five times.   Lynn dies twelve hours later, while Long dies on the operating table at the age of 39.  


1933 - Shortly after the kidnapping of Oklahoma oilman Charles Urschel by "Machine Gun" Kelly, the Governor orders the purchase of three Thompson submachine guns for the Crime Bureau. 


1935 - Agent Dee Watson conducts  surveillance of the burial of Ma Barker near Welch, Oklahoma in an effort to capture "Public Enemy Number One,"  Alvin Karpis.


1935 -  Lt. Col. Charles W. Daley is appointed as the new OSBI director.


1936 - Agent Dave McConnell is sent to the state prison at McAlester to investigate the warden following the escape of Julius Bohannon. Bohannon, who was in prison for the murder of two McCurtain County deputy sheriffs, killed a guard in the escape.


1936 - "Public Enemy Number One of the Southwest" Pete Traxler is captured after being seriously wounded by a posse near the Oklahoma-Texas border.   Officers found a shotgun, a rifle, an auto pistol, several hundred rounds of ammunition, and a bulletproof vest in his car.


1937 -  The agency's  records are transferred to the Department of Public Safety.  The Bureau maintains a full records staff, but the number of agents is reduced from 26 to 7.


1938 - The State Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation becomes a division of the Department of Public Safety and is renamed the "Crime Bureau".


1938 - Clint Miers is appointed acting director after the resignation of Charles Daley, who had been under political fire for months.


1939 - Governor Phillips has his eye on the U.S. Marshals to enforce prohibition in Oklahoma and is quoted as saying, "I am about ready to sign a bill abolishing the Bureau effective July 1..."