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The OSBI CSD recognizes the importance of clear communication with customers.  While this communication may occur on an individual case by case basis, there are also general notifications which serve to inform customers regarding certain OSBI CSD policies, such as how the OSBI CSD selects evidence for testing, how analytical methods are selected, or how the OSBI CSD handles evidence when there may be a need to use evidence for non-casework purposes.  In addition to routine communications, the OSBI CSD will contact customers in the event that a quality concern impacts reported results.  In the event a quality concern occurs where notification on an individual case by case basis is not practical, a general notification regarding the issue may be posted below.  Customers are encouraged to routinely check this location for updated information regarding OSBI CSD operations.   


General Notifications

Notification of Quality Concerns

Notice to Customers (QMA 1.1) Customer Notification:  Controlled Substances Sample Selection and Clear Reporting
Non-casework Use of Evidence (QPA 6.2.1) Notification Regarding Popstats
Archived Notifications